Gradska Kavana

Gradska Kavana

Gradska Kavana Ulica Matice hrvatske 2, Čakovec

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Gradska Kavana

Gradska Kavana Ulica Matice hrvatske 2 Čakovec

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Gradska Kavana

Adresa: Ulica Matice hrvatske 2 Čakovec

Telefon: +385913842013


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Gradska KavanaUlica Matice hrvatske 2, Čakovec

Legendary edifice and charm that always was told in chosen words, its look nor status doesn’t pale. The characteristics of Gradska Kavana, its events, controverts with the best coffee in town, unforgettable celebrations and gatherings that fill out the essence, Čakovec doesn’t forget. Today the cafeteria is returning its old Vienna charm embedded in modern age. The odors of coffee, rehearsed dance moves, operettas and gatherings till the late hours with a glass of excellent wine are slowly returning to Gradska Kavana.   


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