Mano 2

Mano 2

Mano 2 Radnička cesta 50, Zagreb

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Mano 2

Mano 2 Radnička cesta 50 Zagreb

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Mano 2

Address: Radnička cesta 50 Zagreb

Telephone: +38516430535



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Mano 2Radnička cesta 50, Zagreb

Mano 2 is a place of setting world standards in gastronomy with high value local groceries. Word Mano is connected with the word hand refereeing to something that we can and will serve you and is connected with the touch. Here we offer you first class gastronomic experience in modern decoration with the whiff of glamour. With already known recipes we constantly make new meals in which you will eventually fall in love.


Guest Reviews


Ivan Polančec

05 April 2017

Jako lijep interijer


Restoran nam se svidio zbog slika, ali iskreno koliko su slike lijepe, unutrašnjost ostavlja još veći dojam. U kombinaciji sa odličnom hranom svakako preporuka ostalima.

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