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Central the Club presents Gramophonedzie Live SEE OBJECT PROFILETrg Gaje Bulata, Split

GRAMOPHONEDzIE Live Trio experience u splitskom Centralu event je koji se ne propušta! U petak 15. ožujka u goste nam stiže poznati DJ Marko Miličević, frontmen i osnivač Gramofondžija i to u pratnji vokala i saksofona. Ulaznice nabavite na dan eventa na vratima kluba, a VIP rezervacije putem broja telefona +385 (0)91 3323 234.

One City. One Club.

Marko Milićević most known as Gramophonedzie (Gramofondžije), is a Serbian DJ from Belgrade. He is best known for his 2010 single "Why Don't You", which peaked at number 12 on the UK Singles Chart and was on Now 75. Having carved out a career for himself as a versatile producer, Markoʼs production career began over a decade ago when he was given a chance to participate in the Red Bull Academy in Ireland as one of the greatest music talents from the region. For him that was definitely a life changing experience and additional motivation to follow his long time dream to pursue career in music.

Fri 23:58-06:00

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