KlikCup j.d.o.o. takes great care when protecting personal information of our users and the confidentiality of them. Because of that we would like to explain what data we collect and how we manage with them.


Personal data are information through which you identify yourself on our web pages. Information such as your name, e-mail, postal code, gender, date of birth and phone number we consider extremely confidential. During the usage of KlikCup you consign us your information.

In Privacy Policy we would like to explain you:

  • What information we gather and why
  • In what way we use those information

Choices we offer, including the way of information access and their updating

Information that we gather

We gather information in order to provide better service to our users. All of gathered information are meant strictly for improving our services.

We gather information in next ways:

Information that you give to us

Some of our services demand that you make a KlikCup account. When you do so we will ask for your personal data such us your name and a picture, e-mail, postal code, gender, date of birth and phone number that we will store on your account..

Information that we get based on your usage of our services

We gather information based on the device, details about ways how you used our services, for example your search query, the type of search provider, language, date and time of your visit, your IP address, information about location based on IP address and GPS location.

The way of usage of gathered information

Data that we collect on our services we use in order to provide, maintain, protect and improve those services, develop new services and protect our users. We use those data for providing custom content, for example, for showing relevant search results.

If you have a KlikCup account on our services we can show the name of your profile and photography. We will ask for your consent before using your information in purposes that are not mentioned in Privacy Policy.

Transparency and choice possibility

You can choose which type of data you will save on your account when using KlikCup services, for example favorites from which you would like to get regular notifications and for using chart for shopping later. You can also choose if you want to save a specific activity in a cookie or similar technology on your device.

Access and update of personal data

Every time when you use our services you can access personal data and edit them. You can delete or update your data as well. During update of your personal data we can ask that you confirm your identity in order to make a demand.

Information that we share

We don't share personal data with companies, organizations or individuals outside Coffeein Ltd except in next circumstances:

With your approval

We will share personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside KlikCup Ltd if we have your approval. We demand your approval for sharing personal data.

For external process

We provide personal information with trusty companies and individuals outside KlikCup Ltd if we in good intention consider access, usage, protection or disclosure of information is necessary for next:

  • Filling out applicable law, Regulations.

Conduction of applicable Terms of providing services, including the investigation of potential violation.disclosure, suppression or any other type of solving scams and safety or technical difficulties. 

  • the protection of human rights, ownership or safety KlikCup Ltd, of our users
  • or the public as it is required or allowed by the law

We can share data that do not expose the identity publicly with our partners, for example, publishers, marketers and connected web locations. For example, we can publicly share information so that we can show trends about common way of usage of our services.


If you consent for the usage of your personal data for advertising and marketing purposes, your personal data will be saved and continuously used for that purposes, for example for sending newsletters, sample of products, taking part in competitions or prize contests, all through e-mail or mail or any other communication channel with your approval. We can use your data for making and maintaining your profile through which we would like to serve you advertising and promotional materials individually. We will use your data if needed for analyzing and improving efficiency of our internet services, for advertising, marketing, market research and sale.


This website uses Google Analytics, service of Google's web analyzing. Google Analytics uses a specific “cookie”, a text folder that is stocked on your device and enables analysis of your usage of the website.

Google uses this information in our name for analyzing your usage of this website, for the purpose of assembling a report about web activity providing extra services connected with the usage of websites. The IP address that your web provider transfers to Google Analytics is not consolidated with other Google data. You can stop the stocking of “cookies” in options menu on your software web provider.

We use Google Analytics for analyzing AdWords data and any other cookies from “Double Click” for statistical purposes.


We have undertaken technical and organizational measures so we can protect your data of loss, changes, theft or access from unauthorized third peoples.


We can change or update notifications about protection of data in any time and without prior notice. Please do check your notifications on time so that you are aware by any change or update. We will announce the correct date when the notification is valid.