Now when summer vacations are behind us, we can finally enjoy in the best of what continental Croatia has to offer. After Rujanfest in Zagreb, rich programs with concerts in Varaždin and Bjelovar are upon us. Varaždin continues with its festival of Baroque Evenings that has through years become one of the best festivals of classical music meanwhile in Bjelovar The City Festival is being organized with great music and concurrent program.

47th Baroque Evenings (22.09.-02.10.)

Since 1971 when for the first time Baroque Evenings were held till today, they have become one of the most popular world destinations of classical music, and traditionally gather classical music lovers and all those curious that for the first time meet with this kind of festival. From a three-day festival with a small number of visitors when it started, today the festival lasts for two weeks with over thirty concerts and is going to attract over ten thousand people. The schedule is pretty tense and you can listen to concerts every day. Where are the concerts locations and what can you expect there, you can find out by following all events in Varaždin.   

Restaurants and nightlife in Varaždin

The food and beverage offer of the festival is always the first you think about so we would like to single out the places that you must visit if you are going to be in Varaždin in the upcoming days.

Restaurant Raj

Restaurant Raj Varazdin

Positioned in the very center, restaurant Raj is one of the most famous restaurants in Varaždin with not that much a standard offer. Here you can find famous local specialties like “Vidovečka” Cabbage Rolls, Baked Pig Hock, “Borgač” Goulash and many other local meals so be sure to peak in Raj’s menu and reserve a table in the restaurant.

Restaurant Angelus

Restaurant Angelus Varazdin

Restaurant Angelus with its rustic decoration and pleasant atmosphere will delight you at the very entrance, and when you see the food offer, you won’t know what to choose. Restaurant Angelus is specialized for Italian meals like pasta and pizza but also offers a large number of meat and fish dishes, risottos and salads. Check all meals here.  

Restaurant Bedem

Restaurant Bedem Varazdin

If you are looking for a modern restaurant that follows world's gastronomy trends when arriving in Varaždin, restaurant Bedem with its delicious and creative meals is the right place for you. What taste is Sea Bass á la Zlatko and Pig’s Peritoneum á la Đelac, check in Bedem’s menu. One little warning, reserve a table on time because it is going to be crowded.

Nightclub Barfly

Nightclub Barfly Varazdin

One of the most famous Varaždin’s nightclubs, Barfly, prepares for its visitors a rich music program followed with party drinks and first-class atmosphere. Which upcoming events await you, you can check here.  

Mea Culpa

Nightclub Mea Culpa Varazdin

Mea Culpa is a one more famous Varaždin’s nightlife place and a favorite gathering place for youths at weekends. During the week student parties are being held, while at weekends DJ performances and live performances with party drinks await you.

The City Bjelovar Festival (29.09.)

The City Bjelovar Festival is also The Croatian Defenders Day and this year’s celebration will be on a high level. One interesting news is the return of famous Bjelovar’s meal Majburger that is similar to hamburger and is well known to Bjelovar inhabitants. Regarding the music program, it will be held on the city’s Pavilion in a unique ambient surrounded with the beautiful park. Who is performing and when, check here.  

Restaurants and nightlife in Bjelovar

The City's Festival will „enliven“ the city center with many small houses and with food and drink offer in which you can enjoy while listening to concerts from the beautiful Pavilion. What to do before or after the concerts, find out in the following text.

Bistro Franz

Bistro Franz Bjelovar

Located on the best location in the city, right by the park in the nearness of the pavilion, Bistro Franz is the “most wanted” place of the weekend. Their innovative and all-round kitchen composed of meat dish as far to pizzas and burgers is a true “masterpiece”. Just make sure that you reserve a table in order to experience the unique food enjoyment and a fine glass of wine. Before the visitation, check Franz’s menu.

Tavern Roko

Tavern Roko Bjelovar

Completely separated from the city rush, Tavern Roko is the ideal place for lunch or dinner. Tavern’s owner, Roko Tulić is one of the most appreciated chefs in Croatia and his gastro creations will surely satisfy the most demanding gourmets. The offer of tavern Roko is based on meat specialties and also you can find a large choice of river and sea fish. Also, desserts are something that will delight you even more while the wide wine list will complete the meal. But, it is best that you find out by yourself what can you expect by viewing the menu of tavern Roko.  

Tavern Feral

Tavern Feral Bjelovar

Feral is the most famous place for all Bjelovar inhabitants with long tradition of first-class service. Food offer is extremely wide, here you can find meat dishes, fish and seafood dishes and a large choice of warm and cold entrees. One more advantage is that here portions are pretty large meaning that you will eat here quite well. If you want to know more about the offer before arriving, peak into the menu of tavern Feral.

Nightclub Alcatraz

Nightclub Alcatraz Bjelovar

Alcatraz is one of the most famous places in whole county for weekend partying. It is a place of concerts, live performances and great entertainment with no lack of surprises as well. More than one thousand people are often situated in extremely large closed space. They altogether fulfill this great place with their partying habits and make it the best place for nightlife in Bjelovar and wider.

Nightclub Allegro

Nightclub Allegro Bjelovar

Already a cult place for partying is nightclub Allegro where a place more is being wanted almost every weekend. It is a place where you stay till the morning hours. Fridays are often reserved for live music while Saturdays are reserved for DJ’s best hits.