Samobor Masquerade

Samobor Masquerade is one of the most famous manifestations in Croatia that is characterized with carnival ceremony in which the main actors are Prince Fašnik, Princess Sraka, Sudec and Fiškal that overtake the keys of town and pronounce Free Fašnik Republic. From 2nd to 13th February many visitors come to towns Samobor to enjoy music, cultural and artistic manifestations with rich offer of food products in which doughnuts are of course win the center.

Samobor offers plenty interesting things and it is in Croatia known as a touristic pearl very close to Zagreb which people like to visit because wide restaurant and bar offer and cultural heritage, many excursion sites and attractive city core that will simply leave you breathless.

 You can track the whole Masquerade program here.

Gastronomy in Samobor

Samobor has slowly but safely become the most desired gastronomy destination in Croatia. The most credit goes to inhabitants, and restaurants and coffee bars that made a great balance between traditional meals and sweets and modern cuisine offer. Also, many farmings are available in nearness of Samobor offering enjoyment in food around natural surroundings.

Knowing that gastronomy and tourism are very well connected it is obvious that how good a town or area presents its core values like tradition to people, the more people will come to it as tourists. Core values that Samobor is indeed presenting are: custard pastry, doughnuts, “češnofke” (spicy sausages), “muštarda” (special spice) and wild venison and fish specialties.

In order to fully enjoy town Samobor’s gastronomy we suggest that you take a closer look on the best restaurant offer in town Samobor here.

Make Doughnuts

Masquerade time always reminds us on fine doughnuts. These rounded pieces of fried yeast dough sprinkled with sugar or chocolate and filled with marmalade mostly are our favorite sweet choice in Masquerade time. They are eaten in whole Croatia but mostly in continental part meanwhile in Istria people eat “fritule” and in Dalmatia “kroštule”. We will stay with doughnuts and present you a very simple recipe how to make them at home.


1 kg of sweet dough

3 whole eggs

10 dag of sugar

1 spoon of sugar

2 vanilla sugars

half bag of baking powder

4 dl of milk

fresh yeast

1 dl of oil

grated lemon crust

1 spoon of schnapps or cognac


1. First, we heat up 1 dcl of milk in a jar and add 1 spoon of sugar and flour, mix it and add yeast. Then we let the mixture to rise.

2. In the second jar we mix with a mixer eggs with sugar and a little bit of salt in which we later add warm flour and baking powder. At last, we add warm oil, a spoon of schnapps or cognac and 3 dcl of remaining milk.

3. We let the mixture rise until it’s about double of the size it was and we roll it then in flour on 1-1,5 cm thickness and we mold out round pieces for doughnuts. We let the doughnuts rise on both sides.

4. We fill the pot with oil and heat it until the oil bubbles. Then we put the doughnuts in in the pot and bake them on each side.

5. We fill the done doughnuts with marmalade and serve it.


When making doughnuts it is important that the oil is boiling in every moment. If not, the doughnuts will not be baked and will absorb to many oil. Adding a spoon of schnapps or cognac also prevents fat accumulation.