It is considered that beer is one of the oldest alcohol drinks in the world, even older than wine and although the beginnings of beer aren’t exactly defined, it is considered that the discovery of beer has taken place in Mesopotamia. Allegedly, because of bad stored grains in combination with moisture and yeast, a weird mixture was made that had similar taste to today’s beer. The only ingredient that was missing is hop. Since then, we make today’s recognizable pop drink with alcohol on various ways with hop only using 4 basic ingredients: water, barley bard, hop and yeast.  

Alimentary Drink

Beer is a healthy liquid but as well an alimentary drink. It is not supposed to replace one meal but it has a strong impact on appetite so we can consider it as a starter. Also, it has a high cut of vitamin B, a good diuretic effect and helps sleeping.  

The Making of Beer

If you ever thought about making your own beer, you will realize fast that that isn’t so simple. It begins with grinding barley bard, after that we need to boil it and add hop, then cool it and filter the bard. Then the fermentation starts. Finally, it takes a period of time of aging afterwards we filter the beer and it is ready for consumption.  

Types of Beers

It is considered that there are more than 40 thousand beer types in the world. The two basic groups are beer with upper boiling and with lower boiling known as lager beer and is more popular in world’s production and is used in mass production. Such beers have strong foam and a great part of bitterness and hop aroma. The most selling beers in the world are:  

10. Corona Extra (Mexico)

9. Brahma (Brazil)

8. Harbin (China)

7. Heineken (Netherlands)

6. Yanjing (Kina)

5. Skol (United Kingdom)

4. Tsingtao (China)

3. Budweiser (USA)

2. Bud Light (USA)

1. Snow (China)

In basic we know beers as light, red, dark and black but there can be various nuances depending on the way of production. Also, there are non-alcoholic beers, Radler beers and beers with different share of alcohol by which a certain tax is paid to a country (the bigger the alcohol, the higher tax) which a little explains why some beers are so more expensive opposite to other.

Non-alcoholic beers -> up to 0,5 %

Radler beers -> 1 % - 2,5 %

Light beers -> up to 3,5 %

Standard lager beers -> 3,5 % - 5,5 %

Strong beers -> more than od 5,5 %

Barley wine -> more than 10 %

Positive Impact on Health

Strengthens Bones

We can find degradation of silicon that has a strong impact in human bone structure.

Helps in Struggle Against Cold and Has Anti-Inflammatory Characteristics

Because of vitamins and minerals like calcium and selenium and strong antioxidants, beer helps in mentioned.  

Regenerates Skin

Because of vitamin B complex beer regenerates skin and keeps intensity of the muscles and gives energy to the whole body.

Reduces Presumption

It refers mostly on black beer that has more nutrients than light beer, and those nutrients get rid of the feeling of presumption and tiredness.

Reduces Tiredness

The lack of iron is the most cause of body tiredness and iron can be found in beer, higher degree in black beer. It is hard to drain iron from food so great alternative for iron is a daily glass of beer.  

Has a Positive Impact on The Heart

Moderately beer drinking increases quantities of good cholesterol and reduces the level of bad. Also, beer helps preventing diabetes of course with the presumption that you have a balanced diet.

Relaxes after workout

We all know that athletes are recommended a glass of beer after a game or hard training. What’s the deal about it? Experts have found that beer is an isotonic that relaxes and bouts anti-inflammatory and is a better choice than for example water. But remember, one glass is enough, three or four beers after recreation will not be so positive in the case.