Pizza is the most famous meal in the world and probably the oldest fast food meal that we all love. Because of that, there are so many types of pizzas that even we can’t name them all; with spicy ingredients, mild ones, with lots of cheese, with thin or thick crust and with most diverse combinations that, admit it, we would like all to try. There is just something special in that meal which makes us over and over happy when we think about pizza delivery or about visiting a pizzeria nearby so we can enjoy with our friends or in pair in this specialty. Pizza is actually an Italian specialty and comes from Napolitano region and was firstly meant as a meal for the poor ones because of its preparation simplicity and availability of groceries. Later, pizza has advanced to be a true culinary art. Basic features of a pizza are thin round dough, tomato sauce and cheese (mozzarella) and it has to be baked in the oven. This are the basic ingredients and the pizza is called Margherita. And what to we like to put on our pizza? Some of the ingredients that can be combined are: chutney, sausage, chili peppers (red hot or sweet), sour cream, tuna, pineapple, pork neck, arugula, prosciutto, paprika, mayonnaise, egg, corn, kulen, mushrooms, gorgonzola, seafood, bacon, onion etc. 

According to a research conducted in USA and Canada, people generally eat the simplest one, Margherita, in average of 37%. After Margherita, people eat the most these pizzas:

   1. Pepperoni

   2. Pizza with mushrooms

   3. Pizza with onion

   4. Pizza with sausages

   5. Pizza with bacon

   6. Pizza with extra cheese

   7. Pizza with black olives

   8. Pizza with paprika

   9. Pizza with pineapple

   10. Pizza with spinach

One more interesting thing about pizza before we present the best pizzas. Neapolitan Pizza is a cultural food heritage and the production is being monitored in Naples. Ingredients that are being used for production are San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, natural Neapolitan yeast and dough with high protein value. Because of this traditional specialty many have decided to visit Naples in order to enjoy in it. Love towards pizza sometimes has no boundaries.

Where are the best pizza places in Croatia, you can read in next part of the article.

Oro-Goro, Oroslavje

Best pizzeria, Oro Goro, Orosavlje Croatia

Read more about pizzeria Oro Goro where at weekends hardly a seat is available and find out what does their menu hide.

Verona Due, Zagreb

Best pizzeria, Verona Due, Zagreb, Croatia

Special pizzas are those with corn dough, Belissa and Julia that is extremely hot and Enigma that you make by your own wishes. With open-type kitchen in which center is a large oven, Verona Due provides a unique ambient of enjoyment in the most famous Italian specialty.

O'Hara, Zagreb

Best pizzeria, O hara, Zagreb, Croatia

O,Hara is a unique place where true traditional Neapolitan pizza is being made. Look at their offer of delicious pizzas.  

Duksa, Zagreb

Best pizzeria, Duksa, Zagreb, Croatia

Duksa as one of the most famous pizzerias in Zagreb delights it visitors for a long period of time with excellent pizzas.

Kalimero, Koprivnica

Best pizzeria, Kalimero, Koprivnica, Croatia

Kalimero is a place that you have to visit if you like pizza. Read more about Kalimero and don’t forget to come if you are in Koprivnica!

Rustika, Osijek

Best pizzeria, Rustika, Osijek, Croatia

If you want to try Slavonian pizza, Verdi pizza, St. Patrick's pizza and large number of other delicious pizzas but also many other meals, Rustika is the right place for you if you are in nearness of Osijek. Check their creative and wide menu.

Lipov hlad, Osijek

Best pizzeria, Lipov hlad, Osijek, Croatia

Pizzeria with an interesting name is one more from Osijek that attracts attention with preparation of this traditional Italian meal with a touch of Slavonian influence. Find more about Osijek pizza and Lipov hlad pizza from their menu, and find more about all meals.

Mamma Mia, Zadar

Best pizzeria, Mamma Mia, Zadar, Croatia

Once you try pizza you will think „mamma mia“. If you are going to seaside in Zadar or Zadar county, Mamma Mia is the place where one of the best pizzas in Croatia is being made.

4M, Petrijanec

What kind of pizza is 4M or Petrijanecka and why people from Slovenia and Croatia love this place, find in Pizzeria 4M.

Angelus, Varaždin

Best pizzeria, Angelus, Varaždin, Croatia

Angelus is afar known for first class pizza preparation. Which ingredients are on Angelus pizza, Cacciatore pizza, La Mafia pizza, Imota pizza but as well other pizzas, you can check in Angelus’ menu.

Tivoli, Pula

Best pizzeria, Tivoli, Pula, Croatia

Modern pizzeria that prepares traditional pizzas but as well those with local ingredients deserves to be put among best in Croatia. Tivoli is number 1 place for pizza in Pula.

Gastro Italiano, Šibenik

Best pizzeria, Gastro Italiano, Šibenik, Croatia

Have you tried pizza with shrimps or calamari? If you didn’t or want to try it again, Gastro Italiano is a place where you need to come where besides those pizzas, they prepare lots of other delicious pizzas, and you can check their offer here.

Maslina na Zelenom trgu, Rijeka

Best pizzeria, Maslina na Zelenom trgu, Rijeka, Croatia

On former Zeleni trg by which pizzeria got its name, a pizzeria is located that prepares one of the best pizzas in Croatia. In rustic ambient you will enjoy in every bite. Maslina na Zelenom trgu is a place of enjoyment in first class pizzas.

Mirakul, Dubrovnik

Best pizzeria, Mirakul, Dubrovnik, Croatia

They are not a miracle but are very good. Pizzas from Mirakul, a small pizzeria in a small stony alley in Dubrovnik, are something special. Made by traditional recipes, they melt in mouth and make a richness of flavors. A place for pizza in Dubrovnik surely is Mirakul.

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