About Hvar

Lavender fields, olive groves and vineyards with one of the warmest climates in Croatia with the largest numbers of sunny days make island Hvar the most desired island for visitation in Croatia, as well in whole Europe. Rich with culture-historical heritage it is attractable for history and architecture lovers that is best shown in and around Stari Grad. Jelsa on the other hand is known for wonderful sandy beaches with Zavale’s “heaven” beaches as people call them. Sucuraj on the other part of island is known for wonderful bays. The most famous one is Bay Mlaska but we are sure that the whole island will delight you.

How to get to Hvar?

Island Hvar is located in middle Dalmatia and it extends from Split to Drvenik on shore – two places from which you can get to Hvar with ferry. From Split you can get to Stari Grad with ferry lasting 105 minutes. The other way is that you continue the road to Drvenik just after Makarska where is the second ferry from which you can get to Sucuraj located on the eastern part of island. That ferry lasts only 25 minutes.

What to see?

Pakleni islands positioned in the nearness of town Hvar is a group of twenty islands recognizable natural beauty and the biggest natural attraction.


Fortress Fortica or Spanjola built on a hill date back to 16th century offers spectacular views on city Hvar.

Croatian cathedral dedicated to St. Stephen, pope and martyr, protector of town Hvar is also a location you mustn’t avoid.

Monasteries (Franciscan and Benedictine) attract attention with its wonderful architecture and peace with which they “exude”. 

Already mentioned Stari Grad is the most famous place on island when it comes to cultural heritage. The most famous places for visitation are the wonderful Petar Hektorovic’s Tvrdalj that he built his all life meant for all living creatures and Square and church St. Stephen that will take you to the past.



Hvar is one of the most famous touristic places in Croatia and according to that it has become a gastronomic destination. Taverns are still a large part of food offer on island offering local food like peka, “pasticada” and seafood like octopus or black cuttlefish and a large number of fresh fish. Olive oil and local wines are also always a part of restaurant offer. Also, because of the popularity a large number of restaurants that offer modern European kitchen are present on the island. Continue reading the article and find more about our recommended restaurants that delighted us with their offer.

Restaurant Santa Marija (Dol)


A true presentation of local Hvar kitchen is restaurant Santa Marija just near Stari Grad in place Dol. Restaurant is a part of a family farm Stančić that produces wine, schnapps, olive oil, fruits and vegetables. Mediterranean kitchen with their own vegetables and wine will surely delight you and they are also true masters in making dishes under the bell and fish on grill. A real homely atmosphere that is present will make you feel a bit closer to island Hvar and you will adjust easily, trust us.


Restaurant Dalmatino (Hvar)


Carrying the name of Dalmatia, it is obvious that the restaurant bases its offer on seafood dishes. But, Dalmation is also a steakhouse, a place where you can eat delicious aged steaks. It is located just near the center but in a quiet alley that will offer you a dose of privacy while enjoying in your favorite specialty.


Restaurant Nauta (Stari Grad)


Another one that bases its offer on traditional food offer like seafood and dishes under the bell. Their oven is the source of many meals as well as pizza and bread. Homemade are also cakes while the wine is from Hvar and the schnapps also – the famous Hvar’s with lavender.


Restaurant Murvica (Jelsa)


We mentioned Jelsa as a place of sandy beaches but we forgot to mention one particular restaurant that attracts attention of the whole island. Murvica is a restaurant and an Eco estate where olives, grape and mandarins are grown. The owners will also gladly take you on a tour to see their chickens, turkeys, lams and sheep. It is obvious that the most of their offer is from their own production and that gives a huge value to this restaurant. The atmosphere is family and everything what is missing is you.



The destination is town Hvar. Fun – guaranteed! Hvar has become known as a city that “never sleeps” and one of the best party places in Croatia with Zrće. For that are mostly responsible unbelievable clubs that with their programs delight the visitors. Which are the best, find out in the article!

Carpe Diem (Hvar)


Night and day, that is how the party goes in Hvar and Carpe Diem is one of the most famous destinations for a crazy party. Here you will meet people from all around the world that traditionally pick Hvar as ther summer party destination. It all starts in the morning with lounge music with coffee and croissant, continues with “Apres Beach” program including bunch of cocktails under the sun and ends with club scenery with performances of famous DJ’s and entertainment till the morning hours.


Pink Champagne (Hvar)


Think pinj, party hard – motto of this famous party destination on Hvar. Pinkc Champagne is a night club that openes in 2 a.m. in the morning and works till 6 a.m. meaning that it is meant for arrival after you’ve made you warm up in all the beach clubs around. Then you arrive here. A place full of events during the whole summer season. It is your place if you love to party till the morning hours.


Hula Hula (Hvar)

Hula Hula Hvar

Partying on the open sun can’t get much better than doing it in Hula Hula. Unbelievable people that arrive to the beach in order to sip out cocktails while dancing is what makes this place special. Performances of famous DJ’s are a part of summer program with hostesses and various party drinks that will in a blink make your visitation in one of your favorite memories. Cocktails are the center of offer with recognizable Hula Hula cocktail but here you can also eat in the restaurant that is part of the offer.