Zadar is one of the most beautiful cities on the Adriatic with tourist attractions like Sun Salutation, Sea Organs, St. Donatus church and many sandy beaches in Zadar’s surrounding. In summer, Zadar becomes one of the centers of happenings on the Adriatic with great touristic offer that can be find on almost every step. Large number of restaurants are therefor trying through imaginative meals to present Zadar by offering seafood dishes from the Adriatic that with their impact become simply overwhelming and that, followed with events like live music and wine nights become perfect. Also, terraces of bars are full in summer and you can hear different styles of live music, laughter and murmur behind every corner. Zadar is full of liveness and is a place where you must be during summer.


Restaurant Foša

Restaurant Fosa, Zadar, Croatia

Foša has been named as one of the best restaurants in Croatia because of its food, ambient and visits on search website KlikCup and is a place where you simply must try fish dishes that they prepare, they are fabulous! Tucked into the walls of harbor „Foša“, whose walls were built in the 16th century, Restaurant Foša is a compound of true Dalmatian and modern gastronomy trends. It is a dream location with a view on sea embayment far away from the city rush. If you are looking for a dream place for romantic dinner, Foša is the ideal choice.

Restaurant Kornat

Restaurant Kornat, Zadar, Croatia

Kornat offers a lot more than just quality food offer. The ambient that they make is something magical with live piano music and numerous wine nights where best Croatian wines are being presented. Located just by the sea, Kornat is a place where all your senses can enjoy especially in wonderful sunsets. In bustle life that we all live, to take a moment of piece and enjoy in flavors, scents and views is priceless and here you will experience exactly that.

Tavern Dalmacija

Konoba Dalmacija, Zadar, Croatia

Tavern Dalmacija is a place of seafood specialties enjoyment such as vongole or shrimps on “buzara” but also in continental meals like veal under the baking lid and various beefsteaks. The menu of tavern Dalmacija is extremely wide and anybody can find something for themselves. Dalmacija is located in antique Forum in the nearness of St. Donatus and “Glavne ulice”, famous “Kalelarga” in hundreds year surrounding of famous Zadar’s Roman temple. Unique ambient and wide and tasty food offer is the best that Dalmacija has to offer, see it for yourself.

Restaurant & bar Harbor

Restaurant and Bar Harbor, Zadar, Croatia

Innovative menu, innovative decoration and a completely new approach to guests through food an ambient is something that will delight you instantly. Harbor, restaurant, bar and club is a place that you surely won’t expect. The menu contains large number of meals and the most attractable ones are steaks, seafood and salads in combination with meat. And what about innovative decoration? Elements made of steel, like shelves and lights, ship lamps and even whole ship prow found their place in Harbor. All of this with evening events on the spacious terrace will complete your visit to Harbor from which you simply won’t be willing to get out.

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Night club Podroom

Bars Podroom, Zadar, Croatia

The most famous night club, Podroom, is a favorite place for nightlife for Zadar’s inhabitants with concerts, live performances and many events that can transform in a minute your evening in the craziest story that you will always gladly or not so gladly remember. If you are looking for best club entertainment in Zadar, then Podroom is the right place for you. Podroom is a place for staying till the morning hours.

Concert place Arsenal

Concert club Arsenal, Zadar, Croatia

Arsenal is the only place in Zadar estimated for large concerts, but also other events like fairs and festivals. Arsenal is a place of meetings, idea sharing and promotion of business possibilities with organization of all events, especially performances of famous domestic and regional singers when there are more thousands of people in crowd. Follow Arsenal and their events.

Yachting Bar Zadar

Yachting bar, Zadar, Croatia

Yachting Bar Zadar is a place for everyday partying that is almost opened all time offering you a place for coffee and cocktails during the day and a place for concerts, party drinks and lots of surprises at nights. Yachting bar is a place where everyone wants to be and almost everyone in Zadar knows where to head in hot summer nights if looking for unforgettable parties on open.  

The Garden Lounge

The Garden lounge, Zadar, Croatia

Relaxed evenings on open surely can't be better than they are in The Garden Lounge. Your favorite cocktail isn’t delicious as it is when being on a unique location of garden in old Zadar’s city core with a wonderful view on the sea. The Garden Lounge is recognized as a place for stilly entertainment with maximum chill effect and therefor it is the ideal place if you want to enjoy with you friends in relaxed atmosphere while having late night conversations.  

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