It's almost 9 p.m. and you still don’t know what to order? You imagine your favorite meal and it seems that it always comes to the same question – pizza, burger or kebab? The favorite fast food trio is the most common choice for evening television watch. Pizza has always been the favorite fast food meal and there isn’t a type that you haven’t tried, from regular ones, spicy, with seafood, filled dough etc. Also, burgers started to be a delicacy when quality meat was being put and quality ingredients making it a great gastro experience, and kebabs with their special meat flavor and sauces because of whom we need an extra napkin while enjoying in every bite.

Now when we have given you an idea for quick dinner, look at the places nearby to you on which you can try pizza, burger or kebab here.

Best fast food places in Zagreb

50 Burger & Champagne Bar, Vlaška ulica 17, Zagreb

50 Burger & Champagne Bar, Zagreb

Brewbites, Gajeva 10, Zagreb

Brewbites, Zagreb

Basta, Varšavska ulica 5, Zagreb


Papa's True American Bar, Tuškanac 1, Zagreb

Papa's True American Bar, Zagreb

Duksa, Duknovićeva ulica 4, Zagreb

Duksa, Zagreb

Verona Due, Fočanska ulica 33, Zagreb

Verona Due, Zagreb

Rocket Burger, Ulica Ivana Tkalčića 50, Zagreb

Rocket Burger, Zagreb

Kralj Kobasa, Ilica 5, Zagreb

Kralj Kobasa, Zagreb

Best fast food places in Rijeka

Maslina, Osječka ulica 39, Rijeka

Maslina, Rijeka

Maslina na Zelenom trgu, Trg Ivana Koblera bb, Rijeka

Maslina na Zelenom trgu, Rijeka

Best fast food places in Osijek

American bar Dollar, Županijska ulica 5, Osijek

American bar Dollar, Osijek

Vege Lege, Trg Ljudevita Gaja 4, Osijek

Vege Lege, Osijek

Lipov hlad, Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića 2, Osijek

Lipov hlad, Osijek

Best fast food places in Split

Maslina, Teutina ulica 1a, Split

Maslina, Split

Sexy Cow, Ulica Zrinsko Frankopanska 6, Split

Sexy Cow, Split