Nightlife in Zagreb has lately become one of the best in Europe mostly because of the rising of tourists arriving here that are looking for best nightlife places. We bring you a list of 10 most famous clubs for nightlife in Zagreb that make the best party in town. Their events are interesting, innovative and sometimes unexpecting so fun is, if you decide to visit them, guaranteed.

Boogaloo, Ulica Grada Vukovara 68

Club Boogaloo is an extremely popular gathering place for youth that follows world music trends and successfully transfers it to Croatian public through many guest visits of famous performers. From concerts of famous Croatian and foreign performers, Future Scope festivals of electronic music to famous DJ performances, Boogaloo will make an atmosphere that you can experience only here. If you just step inside Boogaloo, it is likely you will stay till the morning hours. You can follow all Boogaloo events here.

Johann Franck, Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 9

With one of the most desired locations in city, in the very center, on Trg ban Josip Jelačić night club and caffe bar Johann Franck took place. During the day, you can hardly find a seat for coffee on the terrace and at night Johann Franck “transforms” itself in favorable place for partying for many Zagreb inhabitants. Johann Franck organizes concerts of famous Croatian singers, various tribute concerts and Great Gatsby parties that are always highly visited.

Vintage Industrial Bar, Savska cesta 160

Vintage Industrial Bar, industrial-factory decorated, is one of those clubs in which you can find live performances in almost every day of the week. Tribute band performances of famous rock, punk and heavy metal groups are regularly held and also, they organize concerts of famous group bands from Croatia and all over the world. If you want to go out un Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, it doesen’t matter Vintage Industrial bar lives for fun and live music.

Močvara, Trnjanski nasip bb

Močvara (Swamp) is a club of non-profitable association of citizen called Association for Culture Development opened in 1999, and since 2000 it works in former factory Jedinstvo in Trnje by the coast of Sava. Program of this club is composed with concerts, music hearing shows, expositions, theatrical performances, movies and literatures and workshops. Through years this club became the center of alternative culture in which various types of people can find something for themselves.  Be sure to check what events await you this week in Močvara.    

Opera Club, Petrinjska ulica 4

Opera Club in Zagreb is afar known as one of the places with best events and best party in town. Some of the most famous performers are playing and will be playing in Opera and they attract large numbers of visitors in spacious interior where they altogether make unforgettable party rhythm till the morning hours. If you want to see the best of nightlife that Zagreb can offer, then Opera Club is the right place for you.

Depo Club, Radnička cesta 27

Depo Club is a place for going out that combines all music directions by making a place where everybody can relax and indulge to the rhythm they make. However, the most heard sounds here are techno and electronic music sounds. You can check here what program awaits you in Depo.

Ritz Club, Petrinjska ulica 4

Ritz Club has soon become one of the best clubs for nightlife in Zagreb with innovative, interesting and unexpected events that rise the atmosphere on the best way. Positioned in the center of town, Ritz is the “artery” of cities nightlife where everybody is looking for place at weekend nights. If you want to follow the newest club trends and feel first class entertainment, Ritz Club is the right place for you.

Aquarius, Aleja Matije Ljubeka bb

Aquarius club can consider itself to be a music factory that on Jarun for almost two decades makes one of the best parties in Zagreb with live performances, best music and the most interesting events. The space of nigh club stretches on 2 dance floors and 5 bars. The most common events are those connected with electronic music. Afterparties and OMNIA festival parties are often held here.

Roko, Jarunska ulica 5, Zagreb

Known as the center of fun by Sava River, cult club in which already for twenty years’ best concerts are held hosting the most famous and most successful musicians of the region as well as college and regional theme evenings, Roko has become a favorite place to all youth. In spacious interior, they prepare various events like live music with party drinks that will soon transform your evening in the best story of your life.

H2O, Runjaninova ulica 3

Club H2O is a synonym for exclusive party in Zagreb with live performances of some of the most known national and regional performers. H2O is one of the favorite gathering places of Zagreb’s inhabitants because of its modernly decorated interior, rich musical program and kind service. At nights H2O becomes the center of nightlife for all looking for first class entertainment with interesting events and lots of surprises. Check which concerts await you this weekend in H2O. 

You can track all events in Zagreb on one place by clicking on this link.