After many events and festivals on the Adriatic that marked Croatia as one of the most desired places for partying during the summer, nightlife is slowly coming back to the cities with most attention on Croatian capital. Zagreb’s club scenery has a lot to offer for everybody’s taste and you should certainly plan your visit to Zagreb if you are out of town during the weekends. In the following text, we present you clubs that prepare events and parties already this weekend and in the upcoming weekends. Choose your favorite and indulge to partying which you can only feel in Zagreb. 


Boogaloo, Zagreb, Croatia

Boogaloo is one of the most famous places in Zagreb, a place that “lives” for electro music and a place on which you will be able, if you like that type of music, truly party. This weekend two parties await you but they are just a warm up for what follows. Future Scope events, a performance of a famous Venezuelan DJ, famous regional duo with their techno set and the most expected concert in November this year. Read more about the mentioned events and about all upcoming events that are being held on a place where party never stops.


Močvara, Zagreb, Croatia

The most famous swamp isn’t the home of frogs, it’s a home to numerous lovers of live performances, parties and concerts followed by great party experience in night club Močvara (swamp). Starting with Balkan Rock Party at the beginning of the next month, concert of famous band from Zagreb and one Split’s songwriter and the most expected concert of famous German band. Check all events here.

Depo Club

Depo Club, Zagreb, Croatia

Looking for party till the morning hours with great atmosphere? Then Depo Club is the ideal place for you. Once a warehouse now is the favorite place for partying. In Depo all music directions are united; punk, rock, metal, swing, funk, disco, hip hop and electronic music of all music genres. The new season starts with the event named “Season Opening” after which numerous events follow that are always greatly tracked by Zagreb’s youth public. Look what is being prepared in Depo Club by clicking here.

Johann Franck

Johann Franck, Zagreb, Croatia

One of the most famous places for coffee on the main square is Johann Franck that is also a place for evening going out during the whole week where you can in pleasant atmosphere enjoy in easy dancing with entertaining-dance content. Public is mostly cool and if you like to party in a pleasanter character, then this is the right place for you. Events are accurately planned in order to please their public. Come and have fun!

Opera Club

Opera Club, Zagreb, Croatia

The second club that is in the nearness of the main square is a true party place. Opera Club provides some of the best party scenes that will cut into your memory forever. Have fun, meet new people and relax and we assure you that Opera Club is a place where you will want to come back. Which performers are responsible for the excellent ambient you can find out on Opera’s event list.  

Vintage Industrial Bar

Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, Croatia

The last, but not less important, Vintage Industrial Bar is a place of urban concerts, dance performances, private parties, shows and etc. one is certain, if you don’t know where to go out during the week be sure that you will probably find something here while during the weekends live performances and concerts are being held.; for example Edo Maajka’s concert. When it is being held, and what about other events in Vintage Industrial Bar, you can check here.

If you want to know everything about events in Zagreb, click here.