The second largest town in Croatia located on one of the sunniest parts of the central Mediterranean is an ideal place for relaxation. The town is filled with people over the whole year but especially during summer when it becomes one of Croatia’s most significant tourist places. Split has many beauties, from city Riva, Diocletian’s palace, beach Bačvice to wonderful stadium Poljud. But the biggest beauty of town Split are its large number of caffe bars and night clubs with numerous events, and restaurants with excellent gastro offer. Beautiful restaurants located in old city core or on Riva with sea view, extraordinary Mediterranean kitchen and perfect local wines are the ideal way to start your evening. The way you are going to end it is upon to you, will you go to sleep or you will head to one of many clubs that make parties till the morning hours with unexpecting events – we think that you won’t think twice.


One of those restaurants that you just must visit is restaurant MaToni that has been named as one of the best restaurants in Croatia by KlikCup. Basement space in which you will find yourself will make a unique and intimate ambient and with jazz and funk music that is being played here, meals like Obrazinhos, Bestial and Ma: Gnudi will become even tastier.

Restaurants in Split, Croatia, MaToni

Restaurant and wine bar Zinfandel is a place of unique food offer focused on seasonal groceries that are being prepared on a special way and it is pretty outstanding. It gets the shape of perfection when you decide to try one of many wines, over 100 of them mostly domestic. Zinfandel cherishes interactive surrounding with tight table disposition that give a special liveness to the whole ambient. Peek into Zinfandel’s menu and discover their innovative meals.  

Restaurants in Split, Croatia, Zinfandel

Sexy Cow isn’t a vulgar bar in Split, it is a new place with new offer that is giving a refreshment to Split’s gastronomy with fast food beef and chicken meals prepared on a unique way. Meals such as Sexy Cow, Naughty Cow and Skinny Cow while reading intrigue us, and how they look on a plate you can look in Sexy Cow’s menu

Restaurants in Split, Croatia, Sexy cow

If you are looking for an intimate place for romantic dinner with a wonderful view on sea, yachts and stadium Poljud then restaurant Re di Mar is the right place for you. Wonderful interior, seafood offer, live music and various events are perfect for couples that want to be on a place where all their senses can enjoy.

Restaurants in Split, Croatia, Re di mar

Other restaurants in Split also have an interesting food offer so be sure to check it.


Caffe bar and pub Fabrique is a place where you can be all day, sip coffee and cocktails with food offer and large beer offer. Defined as the most modern pub in Split, Fabrique is a place where people come and leave during the whole day in order to experience the ambient it offers. At nights, Fabrique transforms to a night club with DJ performances that will simply make you dance and laugh.

Bars in Split, Croatia, Fabrique

One of the most famous places for going out till the morning hours is night club Hemingway with location just by the sea. Hemingway invests a lot in presentation of club entertainment and therefor professional bartenders work and organizations of events and live performances is trying to be perfect. Dancing and fun in Hemingway are guaranteed. At day, Hemingway is the favorite place for coffee with a wonderful view on sea.

Bars in Split, Croatia, Hemingway

Kameleon camouflaged itself as one of the most famous places for nightlife in Split. Why? Because of the concept of nightlife that is imagined through theme evenings that will satisfy all generation music lovers. Concerts of famous Croatian artists, DJ performances and live music followed with party drinks will make you, once you step inside Kameleon, stay till closing time. Kamelon is one of favorite places of Split’s youth so if you want to see how locals party, come!

Bars in Split, Croatia, Kameleon

Can it be better than partying by beach Bačvice till the morning hours. In a building filled with night clubs, one special club is located where everyone who likes to party wants to be. Tropic Club is a place of concerts of the most famous regional singers and a place of live music where dance, laugh and fun prevail. In summer months, beach Bačvice offers a true refreshment through night or early-morning bathing after an exciting night.

Bars in Split, Croatia, Tropic club

Check all bars in Split and see what events are going to be held in them already this weekend.


Split is a place filled with events where restaurant and bar owners are trying to attract guests with extra offer. Some of the bars that often make various events such as concerts, live performances, DJ performances and other are Kocka, Kameleon, Fabrique and Tropic Club while restaurants that outline with organization of events are Re di Mar and F-Marine.

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What awaits you already this weekend, check on the listing of all events in Split.