Istria is famous as a wine, olive and truffle region with excellent restaurant offer and unique ambient. The outer part of Istria is characterized with wonderful coast places like Pula, Rovinj, Poreč and Umag meanwhile the inner part of Istria shows a wonderful landscape filled with greenery and forests from which the Motovun forest is the most popular one because it is the place where most truffles grow. Some of the best Istrian specialties are Istrian prosciutto, truffle meals, goat cheese, “Boškarin” (Istrian cattle) and “ombolo” (special pork cutlets). Which Istrian wines have been put among the best in Croatia, you can see here. Because of all mentioned, Michelin Guide award for restaurants didn’t overpass Istria, not for one or two but for a quite a few restaurants. We bring you their stories and the way they offer and maintain first class gastronomic experience.

Monte, Rovinj

Michelin Guide Restaurant Monte Rovinj Croatia

Monte is the only one that got Michelin’s star and that speaks the most about gastronomy excellence that is being prepared in Monte. Monte’s menu contains first class gastronomic specialties that greatly kern with wine courses in which guests often enjoy. Monte cherishes a different type of kitchen with the help of creative techniques that are trying to emphasize the core flavors of a grocery. The menu is variable due to usage of seasonal groceries. Getting this award, Monte has become the most famous gastro destination in which guests can expect the best what Croatian gastronomy can provide. Check photos of restaurant Monte and make a table reservation if you are in Rovinj.

Pergola, Savudrija

Michelin Guide Restaurant Pergola Savudrija Croatia

Savudrija's lighthouse which is the oldest one on the Adriatic is one of the first associations on Savudrija that has been known through the past as a place for relaxation and therapy. Besides that, recently it has become famous by the restaurant that got an award for greatest gastronomic experience, Michelin Guide award. Pergola is a wonderful and modern place with lines of Istrian tradition, with a plesant terrace surrounded with greenery and peace. It is located in Zambratija alongside Savudrija and attracts attention with its specialties that are inspired with old recipes of local kitchen and guided on behalf the owner and chef Fabricio Vežnaver that follows modern gastro trends and makes a combination that is simply yummy.

Zigante, Livade

Michelin Guide Restaurant Zigante Livade Croatia

Restaurant Zigante is located in the “heart” of Istria, in a little place called Livade near Motovun forest. Zigante is a typical Istrian place that attracts foreign and domestic visitors with its peace and rich natural beauty and of course because of the fact that in the nearby forests are the most famous habitations of truffles in the world. As the first Croatian restaurant specialized for truffles meals, throughout the whole year Zigante offers carefully conceptualized menu based on truffles.    

Batelina, Banjole

Michelin Guide Restaurant Batelina Banjole Croatia

Batelina is known in whole Croatia by fresh fish dishes that guests often eat from head to tail. They are little in size and distanced 7 km from Pula, but when you step in you will smell and see fish specialties in true Istrian ambient. How do they prepare fish? Simple, the father catches them in the morning and the son prepares it in front of guests in the afternoon hours. The fish is always fresh and they prepare it in only that way and we believe that that has made them become one of the most famous restaurants in Croatia.

San Rocco, Brtonigla

Michelin Guide Restaurant San Rocco Brtonigla Croatia

Member of the Association des Jeunes Restorateurs d'Europe, the gourmet restaurant San Rocco found itself on the top of the Istrian and Croatian cuisine scene. The elegant restaurant drawn by the spaces where once the family’s Malvasia and Terrano wines were produced, today is one of the most famous restaurants in this region. From their opening till today they offer traditional meals, delicacies from the oven, meat “boškarin”, pizzas and that all combined with the best wines.

Morgan, Brtonigla

Michelin Guide Tavern Morgan Brtonigla Croatia

Philosophy of tavern Morgan is to offer to its guest’s traditional meals made by traditional-Istrian recipes. It means that meals are made by nanna’s recipes using seasonal groceries. In autumn, you can eat meals combined with mushrooms, truffles and quarry and in spring, meals with asparagus, fresh curd and “špaleta”. Pasta is also homemade. You will find real peace on their terrace under the oak trees with a panoramic view.

Marina, Novigrad

Michelin Guide Restaurant Marina Novigrad Croatia

Restaurant Marina is not a typical fish restaurant with grilled fish and calamari but a place where you will find a cuisine d' auteur. Their meals are a small work of art and we believe that you will enjoy in every bite. The philosophy is to get the best out of the ingredients (fish)! Indulge yourself in the full tasting menu experience, sit on lovely terrace with a sea view and let all your senses enjoy.

Damir & Ornella

Michelin Guide Restaurant Damir & Ornella Novigrad Croatia

Restaurant that is among 1000 best on Parisienne La List and that got a Michelin recommendation is a place of enjoyment in first class gastro specialties. The name of the restaurant, Damir & Ornella, is connected to the names of owners that like to keep it simple with ingredients using mostly: raw fish, olive oil and pepper, and delicious homemade cakes that together make quality and elegancy. In order that your meal is complete, we recommend some of excellent wines that you can find here.

Čok, Novigrad

Michelin Guide Restaurant Cok Novigrad Croatia

Tavern Čok got finally rewarded for their excellent cooking abilities by getting on Michelin Guide list in Croatia. What has impacted the most for being among thirty best in Croatia? Mostly seafood specialties by which the tavern is known that are always freshly prepared with modern gourmet impact. They take care that the food is always fresh, that groceries such as olive oil and vegetables are local and that they promote Istrian wines. Make a table reservation and experience Istria through tavern Čok.

Alla Beccaccia, Fažana

Michelin Guide Restaurant Alla Beccaccia Fazana Croatia

Tavern Alla Beccaccia (woodcock) offers excellent service, a pleasant ambient with a fireplace and traditionally decorated Istrian interior. They offer a unique possibility that you eat your meal on lawn surrounded with greenery; we must say that guests are delighted with it. Just 15 minutes away from the beach, Alla Beccaccia is a perfect escape from crowd to an oasis of peace and quiet. Apartments with pool are just by the restaurant for your full enjoyment. Check how does a seat on the lawn surrounden with greenery look like.

Sv. Nikola, Poreč

Michelin Guide Restaurant Sv. Nikola Porec Croatia

Positioned on the promenade by the sea, the first view from terrace will calm you and ideally prepare you for what is coming. Specialties are fish meals like Prawn and shrimp tartare, Carpaccio “Nikolina”, Fish fillet “St. Mauro” and many other delicious dishes. The fact that visitors from many yachts tied in the nearness come in restaurant Sv. Nikola and that restaurant was put among Michelin Guide restaurants says enough about the complete service. Relax in first class gastronomy, save “room” for dessert and enjoy in best domestic wines.

Wine Vault, Rovinj

Michelin Guide Restaurant Wine Vault Rovinj Croatia

Here you will be served with delicate spectrums of taste at the Wine Vault, created for you by our top chefs and sommeliers to form a unique, unforgettable experience. Keep in mind that the Wine Vault is not just another "in" restaurant. You eat slowly and with pleasure here, paying attention to each bite and enjoying every sip of wine. A meal at the Wine Vault is a moment dedicated exclusively to you. A moment dedicated to pure, true pleasure. Check out their menu.

Meneghetti, Bale

Michelin Guide Restaurant Meneghetti Bale Croatia

Restaurant Meneghetti was placed among 1000 best restaurants in world by La Lista. Cuisine style is modern; chefs Danijela Pifar and Bojan Vuković transform traditional meals into new culinary experiences. They cook together for 10 years and their synergy makes imaginative meals respecting Istrian history. Their sophisticated style of cooking reflects the dynamic relation between the rural and urban Istria, using only fresh and healthy ingredients from local producers. The tables are set by the pool, on the lawn, by the vineyard and you will surely enjoy every second.

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