Croatian restaurants have been finally recognized on world’s gastro map thanks to Michelin Guide recommendations that received quite a few restaurants in Zagreb. Because of that, Zagreb has become one of the centers of Croatia’s gastronomy, with Istria and Dubrovnik, where visitors can try the very best of Croatian gastronomy. We bring you a list of places that you simply have to visit if you are in Zagreb.


Michelin restaurant Zagreb, Agava

Positioned in vivid Tkalčićeva street, Agava is a recognizable and cult place in Zagreb with “trattoria” concept (original place for pasta, risotto, meat and fish stake and pizza) that delights Zagreb inhabitants and people all over the world since 2005. Why is Agava so appreciated when you can find a restaurant with similar offer almost on every step? Co-owner and chef Belizar Miloš says that it is mostly because here in Agava they are not trying just to feed the guests but as well to serve them and make them happy, and to even educate them. Great care is being also taken when it comes to grocery compliance and their precise preparation, and what are Agava’s specialties, you can find out by peeking into their menu.

Dubravkin put

Michelin restaurant Zagreb, Dubravkin put

Priska Thuring, restaurant’s chef is delighted that people are finally going to recognize restaurant Dubravkin put as a place of first-class gastronomy. Dubravkin put is both a restaurant and a wine bar. Its interior is warm and contemporary, while its terrace has a beautiful view of the park and forest. Their philosophy is about offering an innovative dining concept which reflects a Mediterranean influence. Restaurant Dubravkin put is also a member of the JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs association, the biggest European association dedicated to first-class gastronomy that is known to domestic and foreign gourmets. The base of the association that is also being implemented in restaurant Dubravkin put is the compound of conception and imagination with respect for quality and originality of the grocery, all for the purpose of waking feelings and inspiration. The Mediterranean cuisine, with the menu designed by our chef Priska Thuring and professional and helpful staff, will offer each guest a delicious, elegant and sophisticated experience.


Michelin restaurant Zagreb, Gallo

Restaurant Gallo found itself among Michelin Guide restaurants mostly because being persuasive on using seasonal, fresh groceries with which they make magic on plate. Groceries are always fresh and seasonal therefor the menu is being changed by their availability. Nothing is instant, even the pasta is homemade that particularly pleases our guests. Two main chefs are working for longer than 15 years and service employees are here for a long period of time that speaks the most about the care they put into our whole service. Gallo is a magical place for magical meal.

Apetit City

Michelin restaurant Zagreb, Apetit City

Apetit City has soon become a place of urban surrounding in the center of town. With its interior that exudes with relaxed and modern sounds, Apetit has become a favorite place for business lunches and a starting point of evening appearances. Their menu reclines on aromas and flavors of Central European kitchen with Mediterranean touches. Peek into the richness of flavors and odors. As the menu continuously upgrades, so does their wine card and it reflects the best market choice with large offer on glasses or bottled wines.


Michelin restaurant Zagreb, Mano

Restaurant Mano was opened in 2005 with the goal of setting world standards in gastronomy with high value seasonal groceries. Mano cherishes modern crossover kitchen where various international recipes interweave with a range of local gastro influences for which preparation Hrvoje Kroflin and Hrvoje Nakić are responsible by making constantly new culinary innovations. By the words of Mano’s owner, Michelin Guide award didn’t bring betterment to Mano but to the whole Croatia’s gastro offer. To Mano because finally interesting and creative meals got valued and to Croatia because the guests are more demanding and will more and more accept only that type of service in order to feel the true gastro experience which makes a healthier competition.  


Michelin restaurant Zagreb, Zinfandel’s

Unique surrounding and kitchen that combines excellent domestic groceries and flavors from all over the world are a guarantee of first class enjoyment in the heart of Zagreb. Restaurant got its name by grapevine sort zinfandel that was carried from the USA to Dalmatia in the 19thcentury. Because of that, wine is a symbol of culture mesh that meet in the kitchen of Zinfandel’s restaurant. Zinfandel’s is an elegant restaurant with ambitious menu that presents Croatian classical meals and modern European meals and because of that it has been recognized and presented in Michelin Guide restaurant list.

Le Bistro

Michelin restaurant Zagreb, Le Bistro

Sophistication and dedication to details, fresh domestic groceries, and a perfection of odors and flavors are what feature first class French gastronomic offer. If we add to that wisely chosen spices, lots of love, care and innovative ideas towards meals for which preparation and service is a team of young and charming chefs and waiters responsible, you will get Paris’s climate chic with excellent bistro-meals and fine wines. Chef, Ana Grgić, is perhaps mostly responsible for presentation of innovative meals in the restaurant. Her “signature” is visible through all meals with special attention on freshness, creativity and a dose of luxury. Ana Grgić has had a quite few awards through the years like the nominee for Women and Person of The Year. Meanwhile, some of her meals were pronounced among the best ones in the world. Besides Esplanade “štrukli”, a classic that is being served since 1951, take a look on other innovative meals from the menu and enjoy in subtlety of flavors in restaurant Le Bistro.


Michelin restaurant Zagreb, Boban

Restaurant Boban is a true Italian restaurant in which you can find a large choice of Italian specialties like pastas, bruschetta, carpaccio, meat, and fish meals and sweets. Over years Boban has become an unavoidable place of Zagreb’s enology-gastronomic offer consolidating domestic recipes with modern techniques of preparation and serving meals in a warm rustically decorated interior in the center of Zagreb. Find out more about the traditional Italian meals but also other meals that are responsible for restaurant’s Boban presence among Michelin Guide restaurants.


Michelin restaurant Zagreb, Takenoko

Takenoko first started with Japanese and fusion food in Croatia 15 years ago and started a completely new gastronomic story, story about Nigiri sushi, California Roll sushi and other specialties of Japanese kitchen. Besides enjoying in this type of kitchen, visitors can enjoy in high quality of service, exotic and interesting meals that exude with luxury of modernly decorated interior. Make a table reservation and enjoy in Japanese specialties in center of Zagreb.

Bistro Apetit

Michelin restaurant Zagreb, Bistro Apetit

Chef Patron Tomo Gretić will take you into the gastro adventure of Bistro Apetit, a place where culinary virtuosity and enology superiority bond together in a wonderful ambient. Their long year passion towards creating culinary sensations in an inspiring ambient are a real reflection of quality and are responsible for keeping Bistro Apetit among the best restaurants in Croatia that is proven even more by being pronounced as one of the Michelin Guide restaurants in Croatia.

Mundoaka Streetfood

Michelin restaurant Zagreb, Mundoaka Streetfood

Daily menu adaptability says enough about the care Mundoaka puts into using fresh groceries.  Mundoaka is somewhat different than other restaurants, it is a lively and refreshing place where you can enjoy in unique meals but also in pasta, bagels, cakes and fine wines. Preparing meals with “heart and soul” is one of the main characteristics of restaurant and the atmosphere is one more thing that adds up to the entire ambient. Michelin Guide has recognized that and we believe that so will you.

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