Being the most famous tourist destination, Dubrovnik recently got a string of restaurants with Michelin Guide recommendation, the greatest gastro award for a restaurant. After it, only Michelin stars follow that some restaurants, we are assured, will get in the close future. So finally, gastronomy has been highlighted at Dubrovnik with cultural heritage and wonderful beaches by which this town is already famous. We bring you restaurants with Michelin Guide recommendation in the following text. We have fallen in love with first sight with some of them and we believe that you won’t be indifferent as well. 


Restaurant Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Croatia

Restaurant that is named as the town is one of the places that cherishes Dalmatian cuisine with modern influence with one big advantage, a wonderful decorated terrace. In order to experience everything in restaurant Dubrovnik in a proper way, you just need to try the Degustation Menu with seven meal courses in which all your senses will be able to enjoy with, of course, a glass of Croatian wine. Menu changes almost every year and adapts to guests needs and this year menu kept it best meals that guests order the most and enjoy in the most. Sitting in the nearness of Stradun street but in a secluded corner of small streets, here you will be able to fees the desired dose of privacy but also a feeling of belonginess to the old urban center, simply perfect. Take a look on restaurant’s photos and make a table reservation.

Bistro Tavulin

Bistro Tavulin, Dubrovnik, Croatia

This wonderful restaurant is positioned in the very heart of Old Town, right behind St. Blaise church, in front of Knezev dvor. It has a lovely terrace and a small air-conditioned hall. Okay, but what made them enter the Michelin Guide list? Innovative and delicious meals are “the thing” responsible. Besides standard offer based on Dalmatian specialties in which you can also find steaks and other meat dishes, restaurant offers “light lunch” option with meals like Tuna Salad, Homemade Gnocchi with Basil Pesto, Prawn and Zucchini Risotto, Burgers and many other delicious meals. But restaurant’s recommendation is the menu called “Dubrovačka večer” (Dubrovnik’s Evening) that consists of three meals: appetizer Creamy Orzoto with Adriatic Prawns with Pag Cheese, the main dish Goulash Octopus and Dubrovnik Rozata as a dessert. Very tasty! Tavulin is one of those bistros that you always wanted to visit and here you can check wonderful photos of interior and some of the meals.

Fish Restaurant Proto

Proto Dubrovnik Croatia

Proto, the best fish restaurant in Dubrovnik, is situated in the heart of Old Town Dubrovnik and has a tradition since 1886. It is recognized by its fish specialties and other seafood dishes prepared by receipts of traditional Dubrovnik cuisine. Except the gastronomy pleasure, quality service and hospitality, this fine restaurant offers wide selection of Croatian wines. Restaurant manager Mr. Vukota said following the award: “being put among Michelin Guide restaurants is a huge honor for our chef Boško Lonac as well for our entire gastro team. We are happy to be a part of the international Michelin family and the fact that Michelin recognized our culinary standards endurance. Most of our guests do recognize the Michelin award and believe in credit of value that it brings. The whole operation or restaurant Proto is based on love and passion towards this business and we look on the Michelin award as an extra motivation factor.”


Restaurant Kopun Dubrovnik Croatia

Traditional scents and flavors of Croatian cuisine, that is the best description of what you will feel when you step inside restaurant Kopun. They take great effort to bring back old Croatian recipes handed down through centuries and present it to you through imaginative meals. You can taste seafood dishes and continental dishes here but also meals are influenced with Austrian, Turkish, Hungarian and other culture dishes, a true diverse offer.  They like to say that the preparation of food is like when a music composer creates music – each ingredient (instrument) has a role to play, and each is distinguishable in the end melody, and yet, they all make up one whole.

Stara Loza

Restaurant Stara Loza Dubrovnik Croatia

Michelin Guide restaurant Stara Loza is located at the cozy and lively Prijeko street where you will enjoy the excellence in cuisine and the sounds of local musicians and jazz bands. The fresh seasonal food of the restaurant is a surprising marriage between tradition and modern times; a wink to the authentic past and a twist to the international contemporary cuisine. Wonderful view that stretches from the restaurant's terrace is something that with definitely fascinate you. See it four yourself but we warn you, some of the photographs are breathtaking.


Restaurant Nautika Dubrovnik Croatia

Nautika Restaurant lies on the very edge of the sea at Pile, alongside the western entrance to Dubrovnik's Old City. From its unique terrace, diners can enjoy a truly one of a kind view of the Adriatic and the fortresses of Lovrijenac and Bokar. Nautika is a place that combines tradition, quality and creativity. It offers an innovative and refined style of Mediterranean cuisine. From seafood suppliers to those who farm vegetables, they always try to "go local".  Besides popular seafood dishes, they also prepare the finest meat and vegetarian dishes which you can check here.


Restaurant Vapor Dubrovnik Croatia

A Micheline Guide Restaurant. Executive Chef Saša Računica does magical things with using herbs and spices and exciting ideas from around the world to create a playful new style of regional cooking that is attracting headlines. “Vapor follows the fundamental philosophy of the Bellevue” he says. “Everything is adapted to the wishes of our guests.” Take an armchair, try our cocktails and order the seven-course tasting menu for the full Vapor experience. To be sure what to expect in Vapor, peek into Vapor’s menu before visiting it.


Restaurant Azur Dubrovnik Croatia

Michelin Guide restaurant located in a vibrant yet hidden away lane way in the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Azur Restaurant is popular with the local foodie culture as well as tourists looking for something authentic and vibrant. The staff aims to deliver great experiences, fresh local produce and flavors that will keep you coming back for more. Take a look how do some gastro delicacies look on plate and try to not wish to be there.


Restaurant Pantarul, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Pantarul – feels like home. Why? Because here in Pantarul they try to make every guest welcome and to satisfy their palate. Choose a snack with a glass of local wine or a several-course dinner and it will make your senses flick but discover all our meals from our modern cuisine menu that lives with the season using groceries from local producers of Dubrovnik’s surroundings. Enjoy in fresh fish, quality and fresh meat, homemade pasta and domestic wine and indulge to the unique homely atmosphere. Check the menu!


Restaurant 360 Dubrovnik Croatia

Modern, relaxed and very trendy, Restaurant 360º is a place committed to elegance and the finest cuisine. Our executive chef Marijo Curić is inspired by Mediterranean flavors, strongly influenced by local history and finest Adriatic ingredients. The restaurant offers modern Mediterranean and corrected traditional cuisine and an extraordinary wine and digestive cellar. Set within the great walls of Dubrovnik itself, overlooking the port with stunning views and stylish atmosphere, our creatively presented food, extraordinary wine cellar, top service and first-class ambience will leave you and your honorable guests simply amazed.

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