Researches have shown that people search mostly online when it comes to restaurant, bar and accommodation offer. It is up to twice more than it is for dentists or doctors. Therefor they are the type of business being most “monitored” by online users. What does it bring to owners? The feedback can often be positive but it can also be negative. The important thing is the reaction of owners or managers. It must be prompt with acknowledgement when it is positive and it must be accepted with an explanation when it is negative. All answers are visible and it is an opportunity for owners to transform those negative reviews into positive experience and show a high level of professionalism.  

Why Reviews?

It is simple, people believe each other. Not just when choosing a restaurant or hotel, they believe when buying phone, car or clothes online. They believe that their reviews are pragmatic and that they can know what to expect while reading them. Although a negative review can come as a shock for owners, they must know that even the best get bad reviews and that the whole sum is the real picture of what they offer. So, restaurant, bar or accommodation owners need to encourage people to make reviews and share their experience and doing so they practically are saying – “we do quality stuff and our service is always on high level. Your opinion matters to us!” Online reviews make it possible for people to “say” their opinion from their home, on the back seat of a car while driving home without having to confront with anybody.  

What Gets Inside a Review?

The most important is the sum of reviews that makes a list on which one can assume how much a restaurant for example is popular. The review is compounded of grades for service, ambient and cleanliness.

The Influence of Reviews

The influence can be huge. One research has shown that a rise of grade for one can increase revenue from 5 to 9 percent what can have a positive impact on the whole firm. This kind of visibility of restaurants, bars and accommodation has given the possibility for those smaller and on less attractive locations to reach large number of guests. Today it is not important where you are or the history of your place, it is important what is the level of your service.

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