After holidays we all want to eat healthier and less in order to lose weight following a well-known phrase; eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and have dinner like a poor man. We do understand that but the right question is which meals to consume so here we will present healthy and tasty meals with which you will lose weight fast.


Breakfast is the most important meal in day because it’s the period of the day when our body starts to function after sleeping. It is important to eat 15-25 minutes after wakening food rich with proteins and fibers in order to start our metabolism proper. Groceries that you can consume should be around 600 to 850 calories in combination proteins-carbohydrates-fruit and vegetables. We let you combine your groceries but one is sure: you won’t be wrong with these ones:

Best groceries for breakfast: eggs, fruit like banana, orange and blueberries (every fruit is healthy and recommended – change them daily if you can), peanut butter, chia seeds, nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds), whole cereals and a beverage (coffee or green tea).


Lunch is certainly the time for meat (proteins) in combination with carbohydrates and salad. Lunch is as well a meal where we should eat enough for the rest of the day. We will present you two great simple meals for lunch.

Recipe 1:  Chicken with pasta and vegetables in sweet sauce (30 min preparation)


200 g chicken breasts

1 carrot

¼ fresh red paprika

half onion


75 g rice noodles

1 honey spoon

1 celery stalk

¼ fresh green paprika




1. Boil the pasta in hot water.

2. Cut chicken breasts on pieces, spice them with pepper and salt and grill them till they turn in gold color.

3. On the same pan we grill the onion and after it gets soft we add carrot, celery and cut paprika. After the vegetables soften, we add parsley and after 5 more minutes and a spoon of honey. We mix it altogether.

4. So prepared vegetables we mix with pasta and chicken and serve.

Recipe 2: Rumpsteak in pepper sauce with baked potatoes (40 min preparation)


800 g potatoes

3 oil spoons


fresh milled pepper

2 rump steaks

20 g of butter



1 onion

150 ml of beef sauce

2 pepper spoons

1 garlic clove

50 ml sweet cream


1. We cut potatoes on pieces and boil them in hot salted water for ten minutes.

2. After being dried and cooled, we put them for baking, add 2 spoons of oil and bake them on 180 degrees for twenty minutes.

3. We put two oiled, salted and spiced steaks on warmed pan and bake them 3 minutes on each side. In the last minute we add butter and thyme. After that we take out the rumpsteak, cover it with foil and let it standing for ten minutes.

4. On the same pan we grill onion and garlic. When soften, we add beef sauce.

5. We take out garlic and thyme and add sweet cream and black pepper grains and put salt.

6. We cut the rumpsteak on straps and cover it with prepared sauce with baked potatoes and serve.


We come to the „poor“ part, the dinner that is also an unavoidable part of our diet and we should never try to avoid it because it feeds our body while sleeping when it regenerates and makes new cells. It is therefor important that our dinner is rich with water and proteins and we present you one perfect meal for a perfect dinner.

Recipe: Tuna on base of red radicchio, lettuce and radish (25 minutes preparation)


250 g of tuna

1 orange

50 g of olives

¼ of fennel

40 ml olive oil

mixed salad (125 g of red radicchio, lettuce and arugula)

5 pieces of mini tomatoes

2 radishes

spoon of cut parsley

20 ml of balsamico cream



We filet orange and put in a jar while we keep the juice in the bowl. We add olive oil and balsamic cream in the bowl and spice it with pepper and some salt. We put out the dressing, put in radicchio and lettuce, fennel, green olives, mini tomatoes and cut radishes. In the end we cover it with parsley and mix it. We grill tuna steaks 1-2 minutes on oil. We serve salat on the plate, put onto it tuna steaks and pieces of orange and enjoy our dinner.