Halloween, the darkest party in the year is getting closer. 31st October is the day when we mas ourselves in unusual creatures in order to celebrate the festival dedicated to witches, vampires, ghosts, zombies and other mythology characters. Also, one of the most recognized symbol of Halloween is pumpkin that we decorate and put a candle into it so it looks scary. Celebrating Halloween is most popular in countries like Irelanda, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand but you can feel the “spirit of the undead” here in Croatia. Halloween is just another good reason to party hard under the masks. Where to find the best Halloween parties in Zagreb, Rijeka and Split, find out in the upcoming text.


Events Zagreb

Here you can find many Halloween theme parties on which you can enter for free if having a mask or costume. So, put an effort onto your styling and be a part of the “dark” atmosphere. Opera’s horror house and theme party in Depo Club are our favorites, and yours? Check all Halloween parties here.


Party Rijeka

Halloween in Rijeka starts already on weekend in Palach with Halloween Zombie Party and continues on Tuesday in Bačva, Tunel and Crkva. Rijeka has always known how to connect zombies, vampires, booze, great music and entertainment so keep track on all parties in Rijeka.


Party Split

That is happening in Split on the scariest day of the year? Electric Halloween Party is certainly the most popular party in Split where techno acid diva from Berlin will perform by the name “Bloody Mary”  and a few “vampire” DJ’s, all followed with theme Halloween ambient – rich scenography, choreography and a prize game. A party that will scare the sh*t out of you is guaranteed. What about other Halloween parties in Split? Find out here.