This year's winter hit are once again popular Germknödels. They are actually yeast dough filled with any kind of cream and sowed with sauce. They are consumed right after being boiled. Most popular are those with poppy and vanilla sauce and stuffed with plum filling but there are also various combinations like with chocolate sauce, wild berry sauce and other. Sounds delicious? This favorite sweet specialty is one of those Advent products where you always have to wait. Maybe because of that, you would like to make Germknödels in your own kitchen. Why shouldn’t you? We think that is a great idea, and our recipe below will help you cheer up your households with specialty in which they will surely enjoy.

Ingredients necessary for preparation:

½ kg white flour

15 g yeast

1/8 l milk

1 table spoon of sugar

½ salt spoon

2 eggs

50 g butter

Preparation isn't that hard and we will lead you in next steps.

1. First, we need to put warm milk and sugar spoon in yeast. After mixing, we leave it standing for about twenty minutes and after that we add flour, salt, the rest of milk, eggs and melted butter. After that, we leave the whole mixture on a warm place for thirty minutes.

2. After the first step we take out now twice as large mixture than it was and we cut it on four halves that we cut on another four and get sixteen small dumplings that we fill with whatever cream we want. Our recommendation is plum jam in order to make the original Germknö When you are finished with filling them, leave them standing for another twenty minutes.

3. We start with cooking. It is best that you cook them on steam (that we will describe) but you can boil them in a pot like the frozen ones you can buy in supermarkets. When the water starts to bubble, we boil the Germknödels 5 minutes on each side. It is got to make a few holes in the dough that they don’t grow to much.

4. After 10 minutes, your Germknödels are ready. We put them on the plate and cover them with melted butter and vanilla sauce. Also, we sprinkle them with milled poppy and powdered sugar and serve them. You can be assured that your friends and family will enjoy in every bite if you followed these leads.

If you are not that much an expert in cooking, you can visit Advents in these cities in Croatia and order Germknödel:

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