Croatian gastronomy offer is once more in the center that says a lot about Croatia being one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe. Michelin representatives have once more visited Croatia and awarded with Michelin stars and recommendations. Only the best world restaurants are considered to be a part of Michelin Restaurant offer so these awards are truly satisfying but also a boost for setting new gastro criteria’s in Croatia. Find out which are the awarded restaurants.

Pelegrini, Šibenik

When Michelin representatives announced Michelin rewarded restaurants among which was the only one rewarded with star, Restaurant Monte, in Croatia at the beginning of 2017th everyone wondered how come there wasn’t place for Pelegrini, the best restaurant in Croatia that was thought by many. Well, that injustice has now been fixed and Pelegrini has been awarded with Michelin star that now have only three restaurants in Croatia that have become the best presenters of Croatian gastronomy in the world. Chef Rudolf Štefan is one of the first that started the innovative dining style through degustation menus and by promoting local groceries. The bare location of restaurant is something that gives an extra experience to the visitor and you can read more detailed about Restaurant Pelegrini here.

360°, Dubrovnik

The second that got the prestige Michelin star is Restaurant 360° from Dubrovnik that is on the gastro radar for long time as one of the best in Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik because of its huge tourist influence is a city with high restaurant trends. Although the location and view are something spectacular that you will experience and by which it is famous, the food is also magnificent. It altogether makes a gastro experience that you will always remember. You can read more about Restaurant 360° here.

No less important for Croatian gastronomy are Michelin Recommendation awarded restaurants in Croatia that joined the pre-awarded restaurants from Istria, Zagreb and Dubrovnik. We believe that many of them will through the years get one, two or even three Michelin Star awards. We thank them all for promoting Croatian gastronomy and Croatia’s tourism with their gastro specialties and first-class service. Find out which restaurants got the Michelin Recommendation:  

Restaurant Dvor (Split), Restaurant Zrno Soli (Split), Restaurant Boškinac (Novalja), Restaurant Draga di Lovrana (Lovran), Restaurant Kaštel (Zadar), Restaurant Foša (Zadar), Tavern Boba (Murter), Restaurant LD Terrace (Korčula) Restaurant Above5 (Dubrovnik), Restaurant Zuzori (Dubrovnik), Restaurant Pjerin (Dubrovnik), Restaurant Filippi (Korčula), Restaurant Apollon (Stari Grad), Restaurant Jeny (Tučepi), Restaurant Zoi (Split), Tavern Buščina (Umag), Restaurant Badi (Umag), Tavern Mate (Korčula), Tavern Fetivi (Split), Restaurant Muzej Okusa (Osijek), Restaurant Club Waldinger (Osijek), Restaurant Dunav (Ilok), Restaurant Mon Ami (Velika Gorica), Restaurant Bedem (Varaždin), Restaurant Vuglec Breg (Krapina), Restaurant Mala Hiža (Čakovec)