It is often to us to much expensive to eat this meat delicacy in restaurants so we bring you a recipe how to make a delicious beefsteak at home. Beefsteak is the finest and softest and as well the most expensive part of red meat that needs to be aged, dry or wet before preparation in order to be more tasteful. Your choice is to be rare, medium or well grilled. Gastro recommendations are that you should eat rare or medium grilled beefsteak because in that way it doesn’t become dry and loses juiciness.   

Beefsteak with Spiced Butter

Beefsteak is tasty by itself and there is no need for much side dish and we decided to present you the simplest one, Beefsteak with Spiced Butter. We will also make our own spiced butter without buying the ready spiced butter. The amount of groceries is estimated for two-person meal.


400 g of beefsteak


2 toasts

salt and pepper

50 g of butter

half spoon of sliced parsley

¼ lemon


1. We put 50 g of soften butter in a bowl and add garlic. We spice it with salt and pepper, add parsley, a few drops of lemon and mix it up altogether.

2. We cut the middle part of beefsteak on steaks 4 cm thick and spice them also with salt and pepper.

3. We put butter on pan and slowly grill it. Then we put beefsteaks on butter and grill them 4 minutes on each side.

4. We serve ready beefsteaks on toasts with spiced butter.

5. If you want, you can make baked potatoes or French fries as a side dish.