Town Split is the second largest Croatian town located on the coast of Central Dalmatia. It is called a “living museum” because of its rich cultural heritage in it and the famous palace, Diocletian’s that attracts attention of all visitors. It is the legacy of the same named Roman emperor that wanted his last days to be in Split.

Extremely pleasant temperature during the whole year and hot during summer days has made Split a famous tourist destination that has become even more famous because of the Ultra Festival on wonderful stadium Poljud, home of the football club HNK Hajduk. The most famous beach is Bačvice on which you can play “picigin”, a “sport” that was started on the same beach.

Giving its touristic popularity, the city has created its recognizable gastronomy. Seafood specialties are a common thing in almost every restaurant but Split has a lot more to offer; Dalmatian prosciutto, Dalmatian “pasticada” (special pasta) and a bunch of local wines and olive oils, and traditional desserts like rozata and krostule (sweet dough). Worth of discovering, that is certain. So, we bring you a list of restaurants where you can enjoy in traditional Dalmatian specialties.

Restaurant Para di Šoto

Foodie paradise inside the emperor`s private chambers. Just imagine, Croatian traditional dish of your choice along with limited edition Dalmatian wine within the private Diocletian’s baths dating from the 4th century. Sounds good? If that’s the case, then you should have no doubts on where to have a full dining experience in Split. All the dishes are prepared in Mediterranean spirit with lots of love, cherishing traditional ways and recipes. In combination with modern presentation techniques and chef`s personal touch you will get a tasty piece of art. Team Restaurant Para di šoto is made of people who are in love with Split, cultural heritage and rich, tasty dishes. Join them in their house and let their energy overwhelms you.


Tavern MaToni

Favorite tavern in Split full of fish specialties is your place where you can enjoy in traditional specialties with strange names. It is upon to you to find out what is behind the meal names Obrazinhos, Bestial and Ma:Gnudi. Also, the atmosphere inside the basement space of the taverns is extremely pleasant with sounds of jazz, bossanova and funk. Of course, we have to mention numerous wines that give an extra dimension to the whole experience in restaurant.


Restaurant & Wine Bar Zinfandel

Restaurant that carries the name of a wine sort is the place for those wanting to enjoy in delicious meal with a fine glass of wine. Since its opening in 2013, the restaurant and wine bar made a turning point on Split gastro scenery by offering something new and interesting. Restaurant tries to offer “authentic Dalmatian” through all meals and seasonal menu that presents the Split culture of eating. The interior makes a casual atmosphere with unformal arrangement making it interactive and friendly. From seasonal menu w single out plates on three floors: red, blue and green – the best recommendation that we can give you. Let’s get back just a little bit on wines, you can find more than 100 labeled wines in the restaurant and the staff will be pleased to tell you its history and impact on the wine scenery.


Bistro-Restaurant Apetit

First that will delight you here is the place where it is situated, in a 1700-year-old palace that gives a special ambient to your dining experience. Interior is simple and it suggests on Mediterranean style while the restaurant is divided on three pieces; wine bar, a space for eating and a chill spot. The kitchen is Mediterranean but you can also find Istrian specialties and continental meat specialties. Don’t forget that here you can eat homemade pasta that in combination with prawns, edible bolete and truffles is simply irresistible. If your wish is innovative Mediterranean kitchen, you’ve came to the right place.


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