Although whole Croatia attracts with its beauty, thanks to tourism Dubrovnik has become the most popular destination and is also known as the Adriatic Pearl. What has made it so popular and why millions of tourists come to see its beauties? Located on the very south, its climate is pleasant during the whole year with 250 sunny days. That’s one of the reasons. The others are Dubrovnik’s history, its cultural heritage and sea and lately its gastro offer.  

City Walls of town Dubrovnik are an unavoidable cultural tourist attraction and they date back to the 8th century. They have the shape of an irregular polygon and offer a fantastic view on the city and sea. They are so popular that the serial Game of Thrones was filmed there.

The favorite promenade of Dubrovnik inhabitants, popular Stradun, is swarming with people most of the time and it is also the artery of the town. It possesses the market spirit surrounded with equally heighted buildings making it in history a great marketplace while today it stayed modest and dignified and continues telling the story of the city and its people.  

Other important places for visitation are Duke’s palace, St. Blaise Church, Cathedral, monasteries and the Tariff and Councilor building.

Dubrovnik visits more than 4 million visitors throughout the year. They like to sightsee but also to try local food and drinks. So, unavoidable places are popular restaurants, bars, wine bars, taverns and other establishments for food and drinks. So, in this article we will present you the places you don’t want to miss if looking for an excellent lunch or dinner for couples or families.

Restaurant 360°

The famous restaurant in Dubrovnik, the winner of many awards has combined the two best things in Dubrovnik. Staying on the very Dubrovnik Walls and Mediterranean gastro specialties. The view that stretches on the bay and walls is remarkable and also are the meals being prepared by chef Marijo Ćurić using traditional tastes mixed together with local products of Croatian regions. Except exceptional meals, restaurant is pride of 450 labeled wines which of many Croatian origin making this restaurant a true fine dining place.


Bistro Tavulin

The favorite bistro in Dubrovnik, one of new gastro stories in the city. The idea from beginning was to offer Mediterranean meals using local groceries which allowed the restaurant to offer autochthonous meals on the menu. With wonderful wood-stone decoration in restaurant’s interior and terrace near st. Blaise church, Bistro Tavulin is the best place for quick bites. Spasel Krešić as a chef is in charge of the shape of the whole menu, and he likes to use thyme, garlic, rosemary and homemade olive oil almost in every meal. So, where are you in this story? Well, we hope you are waiting for a meal in Tavulin.


Restaurant Dubrovnik

The same named restaurant as the city is all you need of you want to discover Dubrovnik through “the stomach”. Just a few minutes away Stradun, Restaurant Dubrovnik is a place for enjoyment in first-class food after sightseeing wonderful town Dubrovnik. Once again, specialties are Mediterranean meals, modern and classical that will make you feel closer to the tastes to the nearby sea. Also, modernly decorated restaurant offers a large number of domestic wines that greatly kern with seafood specialties and other meat delicacies.


Restaurant Proto

One more that bases its offer on seafood offer is Fish Restaurant Proto located in the very center of town. Since 1886 the love story between the restaurant and Dubrovnik inhabitants lasts and today it is gladly visited by all people that come to Dubrovnik mostly because the first-class fish meals. With a roof terrace overlooking the town, the meal in restaurant is that touch of perfection you need when in Dubrovnik.


Restaurant Pantarul

Like home! That is the feeling that the restaurant carries to its visitors. Unusual with great food it is very sociable and offers a special experience where all visitors feel like they are in their own living room. Modern kitchen with plenty of surprises will simply delight you. All meals are seasonal and are prepared with the usage of local groceries from Dubrovnik surrounding making autochthonous meals that you can try only here. With homemade pasta and bread and a wide wine list, you are ready for a dinner with a special ambient.


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