It is afar known that Croatia is a country with beautiful landscape in which the Adriatic coast and sea highlight because they are responsible for great tourist recognizability. With the start of mass tourism, at the same time a great rise of Croatian wines has been recorded making them famous not only on regional market but as well on international market. It is astonishing to hear that 130 sorts of grapevine grow in Croatia. Because of that, Croatia is being visited by many wine lovers who tend to seek the best that Croatia has to offer. In order to get around easily, they search restaurants, bars and their wine offer so that they don’t miss any important place.

Croatian wine got great attention back in 1996 when studies showed that famous Zinfandel wine from California is genetically akin with Croatian sorts of grapevine “Crljenak Katjelanski” and “Tribidrag”. Quite a few people do not today recognize the names of famous Croatian wines.  Walks through vineyards where wine degustation and autochthonous cuisine degustation are being combined are very popular – wine and walks mostly in regions like Istria, Hrvatsko zagorje and on peninsula Pelješac where visitors can try best Croatian red and white wines.


Best wines in Croatia, Dingač

The most famous wine whose grapevine grows on south slopes of peninsula Pelješac is familiar in the whole world. What does make this wine so famous? Because of the location on which the grape grows and its resistance. The brown carbonate ground, great insolation directly from the sun and as well from the sea and deep root make it resistible to drought and illnesses. The flavor is something magical, wine is high in iron with large percentage of alcohol, it has a strong scent and is dark-red colored. Dingač goes best with red meat and cheese. 


Best wines in Croatia, Pošip

Originally from Korčula, we can call Pošip the king of white wines because of its exceptional values and qualities. Also, Pošip is the first wine with protected geographic origin. Wine’s color is golden-yellow and it has a high percentage of alcohol (13-14,5%). It has a full and special flavor reminding on dry apricot and fig aroma. It is recommended to be kept on 12-14 °C. The wine goes best with fish, seashells and white meat. Restaurant in Korčula highly recommend Pošip.

Muscatel momjanski (istarski Muškat)

Best wines in Croatia, Muscatel

Muscatel momjanski is a quality white wine that comes from the same named grapevine sort Muscatel momjanski that can be find in Istria. Because of its position and microclimate, it has a unique flavor. It is recommended for consumption with Istrian specialties like truffles or “boškarin” (Istrian cattle). Restaurants in Istria serve it as an aperitive or dessert wine.


Best wines in Croatia, Babić

Wine Babić is one of the most famous red wines originally from Primošten. The best characteristic of wine Babić is its fruit aroma and thick structure. Grapevine grows on stony grounds on so called “Primošten terraces”. Restaurants in Primošten like to recommend Babić with Dalmatian prosciutto, cheeses and grilled meat.


Best wines in Croatia, Graševina

This wine characteristically for continental Croatia is the most consumed wine in Croatia. With its straw-yellow color and exceptional dryness it goes best with pasta, cheeses and fish and meat dishes. Check which restaurants in Ilok, the cradle of graševina, serve this pleasant wine. 

Vrbnička Žlahtina

Best wines in Croatia, Vrbnička žlahtina

This quality dry white wine is being produced from grape sort white žlahtina in Krk’s vineyards and is light-yellow colored. Most famous restaurants on Krk recommend its consumption with homemade sheep cheese and fish and meat dishes.


Best wines in Croatia, Vugava

Autochthonous sort Vugava from island Vis is responsible for the wine coming from the outermost middle-Dalmatian Croatian wine. Discreet aroma that with aging becomes even better is the main characteristic of this wine. Vugava suits best as dessert wine and it is an unavoidable part of Vis’s restaurant offer.


Best wines in Croatia, Boškinac

Recognizable red wine Boškinac (Boškinac cuveé) that is produced with international sorts Caberner Sauvignon and Merlot is one of the most famous red wines in Croatia. It is dry and with great structure with recognizable red currant and mineral aroma. Same named restaurant Boškinac that is among best restaurants in Croatia recommends its consumption with Pag lamb, steaks and aged Pag cheese.