We begin our gastro disclosure of Croatia in Rovinj. One of the most beautiful cities in Croatia is located on the western side of Istrian peninsula and is compounded with 14 little islands and 6 reefs. As one of the best tourist destinations In Croatia with 3 million overnight staying’s during the season (Rovinj has a population of just 15.000 inhabitants) and as an elite tourist destination, Rovinj is famous not just in the region but the whole world. The most famous destinations in Rovinj surely are islands Saint Andrew and Saint Catherine, Park forest Zlatni rt and city beach Uvala Lone.

Becoming so popular and attractive, Rovinj also became a gastro destination and we bring you the list of restaurants that you simply have to visit for unforgettable gastro experience.

Restaurant Monte

How to describe this place when just everything is so perfect. The awarded restaurant, first ever to get a Michelin star in Croatia says a lot about the importance of the restaurant for Rovinj and whole Istria. Interesting is that the restaurant was closed at the moment of receiving the star because the Michelin awards come suddenly and Tjitske and Daniel Đekić, couple, owner and chefs, didn’t expect that to happen. The menu contains meal courses that are greatly kerned with local wines. They altogether talk the story of local products being quality prepared. Some of the best meals in Monte are degustation menus Essence and Tendence where you can try the best of seafood from Rovinj’s market place.


Restaurant Wine Vault

Luxurious decorated interior of the restaurant that is located in the Monte Mulini hotel indicates that something “great” awaits you here. Food is here prepared following the best European standards with emphasize on the delicate flavors of every grocery that are even better when kerned with first-class wines, more than 320 sorts. We know, it sounds a lot but don’t worry, their sommeliers are available to you for recommendation, and you can also go for a wine tour in our wine cellars. Here you have also a unique opportunity to be a part of Chef’s table, to participate in food preparation behind closed doors. Also, for a complete hedonistic experience in food enjoyment we recommend a meal signed by our chef – the Collection Menu that is served as a 5 or 7 course meal.


Restaurant La Puntulina

The best location in the world! Over exaggerating? Maybe a little but imagine sitting on a cliff by the sea at the moment when the sunset is while eating seafood dishes. Close to perfection… The kitchen is a mixture of Rovinj traditional meals in which Mediterranean flavors precede and new meals where the food is prepared using fresh, seasonal groceries. With many wines and irresistible desserts like Panna cotta, Semifreddo and homemade cakes, your meal will be complete. Regarding restaurant’s popularity, you should reserve your seat weeks ahead.


Tavern Barba Danilo

Restaurant and tavern Barba Danilo is located in Boutique camp UlikaRovinj and is designed for couples with just 24 available seats. Here you won’t get a usual meal or classic dinner. Prepare for seafood meals and meat meals with a great influence of Barba Danilo’s kitchen. Also, they use Istrian olive oil in almost every meal which gives a special flavor to meals and of course, you can try Istrian wines froma Malvasia, Muskat, Sauvignon to red sorts like Terran, Red Muskat etc.


If in Rovinj, you can check all restaurants HERE.