Events Osijek

1664 is the year of the first Croatian beer, “Osječko” beer and since 2009 Osijek inhabitants celebrate its creation with musical program and large gastro offer and drink offer where you can try many sorts of beer. During the festival “Dani prvog hrvatskog piva” (the days of first Croatian beer) festival attracts more than 50000 visitors on its wonderful location by the river Drava. This year’s program is set to be even more exciting and creative and concerts of famous Croatian singers are the main story. Here you can check the names and schedule of concerts.

Restaurants Osijek

Great restaurant offer of town Osijek shows that Osijek has become a famous tourist destination. Staying in them you can try traditional Slavonian specialties like cracklings, smoked bacon and sausages, kulen – traditional Slavonian product, black Slavonian pig, venison dishes (the most popular one is “čobanac”), river fish dishes and homemade milk products like sour cream, butter and quality homemade cheese. In order that you get around in Osijek in a proper way, check out restaurants in which you can find homemade Slavonian kitchen with reasonable prices. 

Bars Osijek

If you want to experience nightlife in Osijek even better after concerts and continue partying in best nightclubs, we suggest that you plan your arrival in Osijek and to experience as much as possible by following what are preparing Club Exit, Tufna Club and others here.

Arriving in the morning hours in Osijek? No problems, the city hides lots of places that wait to be discovered.


Complex built in the 18th century is the central place of Osijek. Wonderful bulwarks, city’s gate and romantic city core is something that will inspire you and introduce you with Osijek’s history. One building singles out, the building of city guard from 1730 with arcade and four-angular tower where guars watched. Magnificent! Tvrđa is located near restaurant Kod Ruže and pub Old Bridge Pub so if you need directions, just follow them.


Osijek's ZOO was opened in 1955 and is located on a location far away from the city rush that contributes to the whole experience of discovering animal species. Here you can discover more than 650 entities. Before or after visiting ZOO Osijek, we recommend a pleasant lunch on river Drava in restaurant Galija. The view and ambient are just perfect.

Monument to „crveni fićo“ (red Fiat 500) – remembering Croatian war of Independence 1991

One of the most creative symbols of Croatian war of Independence is the showing of popular car called “fićo” wading a tank even though it was the opposite way back in the nineties. Osijek inhabitants show this scene as the ideal way to remember the war and the fact that Osijek was and stayed the Unbowed city. By the road to the intersection where “fićo” is located, restaurant Karaka and Muzej Okusa are positioned. Be sure to check their food offer before or after visiting the monument.