Rujanfest Zagreb

This year again the best party awaits you in Zagreb, to be exact in Zaprešić on West Gate shopping center location. Two upcoming weekends and performances of the best singers of domestic and regional scenery and lots of following attractions will make Rujanfest again the festival of good entertainment. Traditionally, Rujanfest gathers a bunch of visitors that besides Zagreb come from whole Croatia to be a part of one of the best festivals in Croatia and to enjoy in excellent music and organization. Who are those mentioned best singers and when will they appear on the stage, you can check here.

Resturant offer of Rujanfest

With good music there are always drinks, and food. Inside Rujanfest you can find a large offer of food and drinks where you can brace yourself and gather strength for the upcoming concert, but also to take a bit or a sip during the concert. But, if you are coming to Rujanfest a bit earlier, you will be surely interested in nearby restaurant offer.

Pizzeria Bimbo

Pizzeria Bimbo, Zapresic

Pizzeria Bimbo is great for you if you are arriving with children because favorite children’s specialty, pizza, is here made by traditional recipes but with usage of their own ideas and recipes. The things that will especially please you are a large choice of pizza types, filled crust on the edge that melt in mouth and the size of pizzas that will surely satisfy even the hungriest ones. If you are looking for tasty and quick food before the concerts, pizzeria Bimbo will fulfill your expectations about pizza.

V Starem Melinu

V Starem Melinu, Zagreb

If you are looking for a place for longer staying where you can try quality meat or fish specialties with a glass of fine wine, restaurant V Starem Melinu is a palce where all your senses can enjoy. It is situated in 17th century mill, on one of the well preserved feudal properties in Croatia that makes the ambient here unique. Also, they prepare traditional Zagorje specialties and you can try bread, maize and strukli that are being made in the mill. But perhaps it is best that you peak into V Starem Melinu’ menu and look and stunning interior photographs here.   

Kod Mrve

Knowing that town Samobor is near, it truly pays to visit it and enjoy in its history and you will be cheered if arriving in couple to take the romantic walk tour through the city before you would like to enjoy in Samobor’s gastro offer. As a true gastro pearl, we single out restaurant Kod mrve, located just by river Gradna, a few meters away of castle Livadić. Wonderful ambient, kind service and perfect barbecue with groceries from local production and market are the best call to visit them. What is “Mrvin megamiks”, what flavor is salat “Veliki Chef” and what other delicious meals you can try here, you can find out in their menu.