It is somewhat ungrateful to single out 10 best restaurants from a large number of those who are responsible for pointing out Zagreb on gastronomic map of Europe but we will try to single out those with high level of quality and service in which you will, if you decide to visit them, try the very best that Zagreb has to offer.  

Mano 2

Restaurant Zagreb Mano 2

We will start with Mano 2, heaven for all meat delicacy lovers, especially steaks. Mano 2 offers lots of delicious meals in standard menu like Tatarian beefsteak, Tomahawk steaks, carpaccio and others while during the weekend you can try various degustation menus with 5 or 7 courses that will delight you in flavor and visual sense. Its kitchen is characterized as “fusion” where guests are involved in the process of making truly personalized meals that are in the same time imaginative, creative and exciting. The service is discreet and professional with reception on the entrance for clothes and for guide. Table reservation is wanted.  


Restaurant Zagreb Vinodol

As the name suggests Vinodol is besides being familiar for making gastronomic specialties, known for extremely attractive and wide offer of excellent wines that are kerning with your favorite meal. Special emphasis is put on continental and Mediterranean specialties that have insulated Vinodol as being a recognizable place for autochthonous Croatian specialties. Specialties are veal under the baking lid, steak Vinodol and veal cutlet. You can see rest of the menu by clicking here.

Dubravkin put

Restaurant Zagreb Dubravkin put

We got our name by the street’s name Dubravkin put and not by the name Dubravka. Located in Gornji Grad location Dubravkin put is more and more the leading path for those eager to find first class gastronomic delicacies. They present innovative ”dining” concept that underestimates concept made with intention of putting gastronomy on a higher level to their visitors. In world, these places present gastronomy on the best way – food, its taste and first class service. When we add to all of that forest and park surrounding, Dubravkin put becomes a place where all your senses can enjoy. You can check the menu of restaurant Dubravkin put here

Zrno Bio Bistro

Restaurant Zagreb Zrno Bio Bistro

Zrno Bio Bistro has earned attention with its 100% vegan dishes that satisfy high nutrition criteria by excluding groceries of animal origin. Although mostly visited by people that characterize themselves as vegans and vegetarians, more and more visitors are those that are neither vegan or vegetarians but want to try this kind of kitchen that is getting even more on value. All groceries come from eco property Zrno. Portions are extremely large, some meals you can even split with your partner and that is sometimes recommended so that you can leave “space” for phenomenal desserts that are being prepared here.


Restaurant Zagreb Takenoko

Takenoko has already become a synonym for Japanese and “fusion” specialties in Zagreb that in extremely attractable and modern ambient gets even more on value. If you like to eat or want to try for the first time sushi, wok meals, tempura, uramaki or other traditional Japanese meals, Takenoko will be an ideal choice for you. Large number of cocktails await you after you’ve finished your meal.

Sofra – Point Centar

Restaurant Zagreb Sofra

We just can't disregard a place where best chevaps, pies like "burek", "krumpiruša" and "zeljanica", "sarma" and "ćufte" are being eaten. On one thing you must take care, portion are pretty large so you will need to take a break after a meal. A good way for taking a “break” is having original Turkish coffee served in jezve with rahat lokum. The interior is orientally decorated and it presents “1001 nights” with weekend “sevdalinke” program. We don’t want to extend any longer, if you want to enjoy traditional Bosnian specialties, Sofra is the right place for you. Before you come be free to check their menu.

Le Bistro

Restaurant Zagreb Le Bistro

First class French offer lies hidden in restaurant Le Bistro and it is on you to find it. Elegant and luxurious interior will simply astonish you and meals such as beefsteak, “štrukli”, duck and seafood specialties will melt in your mouth and make a true richness of flavors. As it suits one restaurant with French meal offer, here you can try large choice of excellent wines that greatly are kerning with most meals that you want to try. Le Bistro is one of the exclusive restaurants so check menu and see what you can expect.


Restaurant Zagreb Agava

Modern tradition is what best describes what you will feel in Agava. On well-known location, with a wonderful view on Tkalčićeva street and of course, delicious offer of meals from which many are authentic, Agava is an ideal place for business meetings and family gatherings. Menu consists of meat dishes prepared on special way like black Slavonian pig cutlet with jam of ginger and pear and with lentils or wild salmon fillet with pistachio cream and spinach beetroot with garlic chips, meals that produce already now a feeling of hunger in our bellies.

Lanterna na Dolcu

Restaurant Zagreb Lanterna

Restaurant Lanterna na Dolcu is situated in one of the oldest streets in Zagreb's city core, in basement that is over 300 years old. In that way, with the smell of history and city legends it amalgamates a first-class enjoyment of traditional Zagreb gastronomy. Autochthonous meals prepared on modern way in inner decoration of wine-cellar – basement or on pleasant terrace will surely delight you.


Restaurant Zagreb Carpaccio

Little Italy in the heart of Zagreb, so we can best describe Carpaccio, restaurant that exudes with Italian style and serves traditional Italian food. Here you can try beefsteak, tuna or salmon carpaccio, bruschetta’s, burrata’s and other traditional starters, and risottos and seafood meals. It is highly recommended to book a table because of the rising of their popularity.