We bring you a list of 15 best restaurants in Croatia that delight visitors with their offer of food and by providing them firs class gastronomic experience. In every restaurant, of course if you decide to visit it, you will feel far more than just meal taste. In order for restaurant to be among the best in Croatia, it has to offer first class service in unique ambient with great food and these restaurants surely do so. 

"Dubravkin put", Zagreb

Restaurant Croatia Zagreb Dubravkin put

We got our name by the street’s name Dubravkin put and not by the name Dubravka. Located in Gornji Grad location Dubravkin put is more and more the leading path for those eager to find first class gastronomic delicacies. They present innovative ”dining” concept that underestimates concept made with intention of putting gastronomy on a higher level to their visitors. In world, these places present gastronomy on the best way – food, its taste and first class service. When we add to all of that forest and park surrounding, Dubravkin put becomes a place where all your senses can enjoy. You can check the menu of restaurant Dubravkin put here. 

"Pelegrini", Šibenik

Restaurant Croatia Šibenik Pelegrini

Pelegrini, winner of JRE - Jeunes Restaurateurs award for restaurants is one of the most famous restaurants in Croatia that precedes with food in flavor, odor and visual sense and in first class service in which you will convince yourself if you ask for wine recommendation with your meal. Philosophy of Pelegrini is based on creative compound of traditional and modern. Palace in which Pelegrini is located and gastronomic heritage of Šibenik area are a part of tradition while with deliberation of local gastronomy and restaurant concept they are referring to the guest. Their imperative is keeping local flavors and the best way to interact with the kitchen and Pelegrini is that you try their degustation menus.

"Bevanda", Opatija

Restaurant Croatia Opatija Bevanda

“Based in roots” of fresh groceries of the continent and sea, cult restaurant Bevanda today makes classical and various dishes freshened with modern touch. A meal in Bevanda’s hall is something special. Modern and attractive interior with wonderful view on sea and islands makes your experience here priceless and modern kitchen with first class service will simply delight you. Bevanda is therefore the ideal location for romantic dinner for two or family lunch. You can check the menu of restaurant Bevanda here.

"Carpaccio", Zagreb

Restaurant Croatia Zagreb Carpaccio

Little Italy in the heart of Zagreb, so we can best describe Carpaccio, restaurant that exudes with Italian style and serves traditional Italian food. Here you can try beefsteak, tuna or salmon carpaccio, bruschetta’s, burrata’s and other traditional starters, and risottos and seafood meals. It is highly recommended to book a table because of the rising of their popularity.  

"Foša", Zadar

Restaurant Croatia Zadar Foša

Foša certainly must be your destination point if you like to enjoy in first class fish specialties. Sea bass fillet on “gradele”, Tuna steak and Octopus salad with seasonal groceries are some of the most attractable meals and you can check the whole menu here. The ambient of restaurant Foša is Dalmatian, with details that make you feel closer to sea and the sea world. Stone walls, aquarium in interior and location of the restaurant in harbor named Foša surrounded with sea will give a whole new dimension to your visit.

"Pantarul", Dubrovnik

Restaurant Croatia Dubrovnik Pantarul

Pantarul tries to promote first class kitchen on a way that a guest feels like he is at home. Social influence in Pantarul is extremely large and the service is delightful and it will embellish your day in a moment. There are no discreet tables, they cherish “family style” dinning where you can feel the rhythm of Pantarul in every moment. Groceries come from local producers and the fish is fresh so it is obvious that the menu is adapted to the season. Cod fillet, Gilt-poll with vegetables, Octopus ragout or Beef carpaccio are favorite meals in Pantarul, and you can see the rest of their menu by clicking here

"MaToni", Split

Restaurant Croatia Split MaToni

Basement space of restaurant MaToni offer intima and unique experience in food enjoyment. Dishes are mostly Mediterranean, but also suitable for vegans or vegetarians and for children as well. Jazz and funk music contribute to the relaxed and casual atmosphere that will occupy you while you wait for your meal to arrive. And what you will greet is a perfection of flavors so find out about meals such as Obrazinhos, Bestial or Ma: Gnudi, but as well about rest of the meals from the menu.

"Mala hiža", Čakovec

Restaurant Croatia Čakovec Mala hiža

People have eaten well since ever on glacis hills and plains of Međimurje. Međimurje’s traditional gastronomy is distinctive, pervaded by Austro-Hungarian influence and intertwined with ingenuous meals that are the main characteristic of Mala Hiža’s kitchen. The menu is made of traditional, local meals that are being presented on modern way. Also, you can try our seasonal menu that sometimes differs from month to month depending on the season of particular groceries. The best way to learn about Međimurje cooking culture is through delicious and imaginative meals of Mala Hiža.

"Mano 2", Zagreb

Restaurant Croatia Zagreb Mano 2

Mano 2 is a heaven for all meat delicacy lovers, especially steaks. Mano 2 offers lots of delicious meals in standard menu like Tatarian beefsteak, Tomahawk steaks, carpaccio and others while during the weekend you can try various degustation menus with 5 or 7 courses that will delight you in flavor and visual sense. Its kitchen is characterized as “fusion” where guests are involved in the process of making truly personalized meals that are in the same time imaginative, creative and exciting. The service is discreet and professional with reception on the entrance for clothes and for guide. Table reservation is wanted.  

"Plavi podrum", Volosko

Restarant Croatia Volosko Plavi Podrum

Location on Opatija Riviera just by the sea is an ideal introduction what will welcome you in Plavi Podrum. You will be welcomed with seafood specialties offer with the influence of modern European kitchen. Our recommendation are Course meals in combination with domestic wines. Restaurant also offers rich selection of first class olive oils, different salt and bread sorts.

"Nautika", Dubrovnik

Restaurant Croatia Dubrovnik Nautika

A visit to Nautica just can't be described as a regular one because it surely isn’t especially if you stay on our terrace with unique view on the sea and fortresses Lovrijenac and Bokar. If you rather want to stay in interior of Nautica it is possible that you will be welcomed with live piano music. The food is highly valued, from flavor to decoration and odors, everything is almost perfect. It gets its shape of perfection when you pick a wine from their wine offer. We kindly suggest that you try menus of 5 or 7 courses but they also prepare individual fish and meat dishes that you can check here.

"Klub restoran Waldinger", Osijek

Restaurant Croatia Osijek Waldinger

Restaurant Club Waldinger positioned within the same named hotel is responsible that Slavonia has a restaurant that attracts attention on national level. Their offer is based on combination of modern and traditional, and we kindly recommend that you try Slavonian lunch, Kruna Waldinger or one of many steaks that you can find here. For dessert, you can have Cheeses with Italian fruit mustard but it is best that you check all meals.

"Johnson", Mošćenička Draga

Restaurant Croatia Mošćenička Draga Johnson

The restaurant was opened in 1960’s, and was named after the nickname of the first owner. Edo Salamon, the first of owner of the place was a seaman who sailed at the time when Lyndon B. Johnson was the President of the United States. Since Edo was a great admirer of President Johnson, he was given a nickname after him which, consequently, became the name of the restaurant. Their specialties are fresh and quality fish, shrimps and seashells supplied by local fishermen and served as a multi-course meal on the same day when caught. You can check our menu here.

"Boškinac", Novalja

Restaurant Croatia Novalja Boškinac

Novalja isn't just a place for parties on open but also a place where one of the best restaurants in Croatia is located, restaurant Boškinac. The restaurant respects the culinary heritage of the island, with a wide selection of fish and lamb dishes, cheeses, prosciutto and other fresh, seasonal ingredients, with olive oil, herbs and honey. However, these ingredients are served in a special way, with a pronounced artistic approach. Thanks to the creativity of their culinary team, the harmony of flavors creates an unforgettable experience on the plate. What can you get on your plate you can check in their menu

"Restaurant 360º", Dubrovnik

Restaurant Croatia Dubrovnik 360

Modern, relaxed and very trendy, Restaurant 360 is a place committed to elegance and finest cuisine. Our executive chef Marijo Curić is inspired by Mediterranean flavors, strongly influenced by local history and finest Adriatic ingredients. The restaurant offers modern Mediterranean and corrected traditional cuisine and an extraordinary wine and digestive cellar. Set within the great walls of Dubrovnik itself, overlooking the port with stunning views and stylish atmosphere, their creatively presented food, extraordinary wine cellar, top service and first class ambience will leave you and your honorable guests simply amazed.