Croatia has become one of the most favorable places for youth that are in search for best party destinations in Europe. We bring you a list of places that you simply have to visit if you like enjoying in unforgettable parties and festivals all over Croatia. Perceptiveness can be different and subjective but we believe that you will surely like the places that we are going to present to you, enjoy!


Best Party in Croatia, Pag

Every youngster in Croatia knows about beach Zrće and its parties on open that are being held. “Adriatic’s Ibiza” as many call it, is the scene of the best and craziest parties that almost never end. Novalja on island Pag is a must be place during the summer. Papaya, Aquarius and Noa Beach Club are the most famous clubs on Zrće and they make all day parties followed with various festivals on which some of the most famous performers of electronic music appear. Zrće is an unavoidable destination if you are looking for first class events in warm summer nights in Novalja. 


Best Party in Croatia, Hvar

Nightlife of island Hvar is mostly taking place in the same named place Hvar that in summer months becomes a city that never sleeps. The city becomes a place full of events, fun and young people that you can see on every step giving a special liveness to the place during the whole day; at day on the beaches and at nights in night clubs and beach bars. Some of the most famous clubs in Hvar are Carpe Diem, Pink Champagne and Central Park Club, places where fun and partying never stops. Hvar is characterized by clean sea, beautiful beaches and cut out beach parties from which you will bring memories that you will never forget. 


Best Party in Croatia, Zagreb

Zagreb as the main city of Croatia offers diverse parties and events throughout the whole year where everyone can find something for themselves. Zagreb is a town of beautiful people, restaurants, cultural heritage, but also a place that at nights becomes the center of best parties being held in many clubs where you can party till the morning hours. Concerts, live performances, rock and DJ performances are waiting for you in Zagreb. Find the best clubs in Zagreb with the most interesting and wildest parties.


Best Party in Croatia, Split

Split that has mostly become a popular party place because of Ultra Europe festival that is being held on stadium Poljud in July offers much more than just those three days. Split is the largest city on the Adriatic that offers during the whole year best parties where you will be able to experience the best from club scenery. Sunbathed with sun and having beautiful Riva, Diocletian’s Palace and beach Bačvice where “picigin” sport was invented, Split at night transforms to a place of laugh, fun and dance. You can follow all events in town Split here.


Best Party in Croatia, Tisno

This little place in Zadar county is the center of festivals that are being held in July and August making Tisno one of the most desired locations on the Adriatic. Suncebeat, Soundwave, Defected Croatia and Love International are the most famous festivals that will provide you unforgettable entertainment on open with parties till the morning hours.


Best Party in Croatia, Pula

Town known for Amfiteatar is also a place of parties, long nights on open, fun and dance that at summer becomes a place of concerts that provide a special experience when held in the Amfiteatar and a place of festivals when people all around the world come in Pula. The most famous festival is Outlook. Check here  and find out which are the most famous clubs in Pula.


Best Party in Croatia, Osijek

Osijek is a famous place for nightlife in Croatia with wide club scenery that organizes events that make ebullient atmosphere and last till the morning hours. Rockatiki, Matrix and Tufna Club are some of the clubs where fun never stops and where a place more is searched at weekend nights. Prices are far more acceptable than they are on the Adriatic. Here you will be able, if you visit Osijek, to feel how Croatians party.