After we have presented Advent in Osijek as the first city on the list of best Advents in Croatia, the most famous and sumptuous is next, Advent in Zagreb. In the upcoming text find out why Zagreb is the favorite winter city destination of Europeans.

Advent in Zagreb

Zagreb is of course the favorite Advent destination in whole Europe and so in Croatia. For third consecutive years Zagreb has been pronounced as the “Best Christmas Market”. It's an unbelievable achievement. Program and content that is present on main Christmas Markets is once again better then the last year. Zagreb is deserved the favorite winter city destination in Europe and everyone wants to feel a part of that ambient.

Ice Park

  Picture 1: Archive TB Zagreb, Author I. Nobilo 

Skate rink on Tomislavov trg (Tomislav’s Square) is once again the main story. The biggest skate rink in this part of Europe attracts attention of passers that just for a moment imagine to be on the ice while a part of them takes skating boots and try the ice. With Christmas songs, the aroma of mulled wine and sausages, you can start your magical story on Zagreb’s Advent with skates on your feet, we won’t laugh if you fall down.

Advent on Zrinjevac and Europski trg (European Square)

  Picture 2: Archive TB Zagreb, Author M. Mehulić 

Two most popular squares are places of dazzles, good food, peoples and good ambient. Old pavilion on Zrinjevac is the scenery of music performances that are being held daily in time from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Small wooden houses offer a large choice of food and drinks, and with mulled wine and warm gin, we suggest cabbage rolls and strukli (strudel), authentic Zagreb products. Europski trg is closer to city center and program there is full of concerts, various attractions, exhibitions and offer of European cities.

Zagreb's Christmas Story

  Picture 3: Archive TB Zagreb, Author M. Vrdoljak 

The main town square – Christmas fairy tale, and the magic of Christmas ambient can begin. Somehow in this part of year we all feel better and the right place to do so is the Christmas fairy tale on Josip Jelačić Square. With music, a glass of mulled wine or punch, and sausage with good company, every good story can begin.

Fuliranje (fooling around)

  Picture 4: Archive TB Zagreb, Author S. Kaštelan

Fuliranje is the new attraction on Zagreb’s Advent. By motto: life is a circus, on Strossmayer Square, offer of sweet delicacies await you with combination of Advent drinks and beverages. There will also be stands of famous Zagreb’s restaurants and fast foods great food offer so Fuliranje is the main place for enjoyment in gastro delicacies of this Advent.   

In order that your visitation of Zagreb is fulfilled, we advise that you visit the best restaurants and places for nightlife. Also, you can check here all upcoming events in Zagreb.

You can check the whole program of Advent in Zagreb here.