Advent is one of the most wonderful periods in the year. It’s the time when we altogether get that holiday spirit of enjoyment in good company, joy, togetherness and good food. that we like to share with the dearest ones to us. Croatia is giving more and more in winter tourism in cities by organizing manifestations with interesting program in them during Advent. If you like to travel Croatia, have relatives in specific cities or you are just curious, we bring you a list of cities where you can experience Advent full of stories, entertaining program with skating rinks and offer of familiar Advent products: mulled wine, sausages, “fritule”, cakes, hamburgers, pancakes and etc. Set out on an Advent journey through Croatia with us. Among the best in Croatia are Advents in cities: Osijek, Zagreb, Bjelovar, Dubrovnik, Varaždin, Rab and Zadar. First on the schedule is the most east one, Advent in Osijek.  

Advent in Osijeku

When you enter in Osijek you will be immediately surprised with Christmas tram decorated with Christmas motives with special station that will slowly introduce you the story that Osijek shares with its visitors. Christmas Markets are the main attraction. They are put on different locations and there you can try mulled wine and other drinks and eat famous Slavonian specialties.  

Christmas Markets

The cities center, main square and the space surrounding Osijek’s cathedral are lighted and decorated with Advent motives, they seem also a bit romantic and always attract people to experience that well known holiday spirit that evokes inside all of us. Also, there are local wine producers, Osječka beer special Christmas edition, concerts and live performances, Slavonian specialties and what is most important, laughter and cheer.

Gastronomy and nightlife in Osijek

Lots of restaurants and bars in Osijek try to carry the holiday ambient from the streets to their interiors. Restaurant offer is populated with Slavonian specialties like pork meals, fish meals and famous dry meat products like sausages, cracklings and kulen. You can warm up in bars with mulled wine and continue your entertainment long in the night because you can enjoy in bars and night clubs listening to concerts, live performances and parties. You can track all events in Osijek here.

Skating Rink

Skating Rink on the main square is a true place of joy and happiness. Parents side the fence, children on the ice, murmur and laughter almost every day on favorite Advent location of the youth.

New Year's Eve

One of the main events in town Osijek is the celebration of New Year. Christmas Market moves to city’s center on which bunch of people gather in order to celebrate the enter to the new year. Exactly in midnight, traditional Vienna waltz is being played and the entertainment lasts till the late night.  

Advent in Osijek lasts from 2nd December till 1st January. You can find everything else about Advent in Osijek on Osijek Tourist Community page.