The unavoidable morning ritual of many is coffee that affects on us by waking us, giving us energy and improving our blood circulation. Studies say that the best time for drinking coffee is between 9.30 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. But what is that attractable to us in those coffee beans? The Arabs are the first that started to roast coffee already in 11th century and implemented it as a beverage for energy and socialization in the first ever cafeterias in the world. Coffee came to Europe in 16th century and after that stepped into every corner of the world and became one of the most consumed beverages in the world, with water and tea. The most famous “coffee lovers” are Americans, Finns and Dutch.  

Best coffee

Today, two kinds of coffee make the most of coffee sale, arabica and robusta coffee. Arabica has a mild and aromatic flavor meanwhile robusta has a bitter flavor and contains twice as many caffeine. From traditional beverage from which it all started, today coffee comes in the most different varieties like, espresso, filter coffee, instant coffee etc. all made for the purpose of better flavor and better coffee drinking experience. Throughout the world 2 billion coffee cups is being drunk. The export of coffee is a 20-billion-dollar industry while the whole coffee industry is worth more than 100 billion of dollars. Greatest coffee exporter is Brazil following by Vietnam, Indonesia, Columbia and Ethiopia.

In the search for the best coffee

We always like to know what is the best and want to try it, and the best and most admired coffees are Mountain coffee from Jamaica with high quality characteristic, Kopi Luwak coffee that is the rarest one and a bit vexed because it is being made by eating and discarding beans from civet animal, Bonifieur coffee from Caribbean island Guadalupe and coffee Kona from Hawaii that has extremely mild flavor with hazelnut aroma.

Black coffee or green coffee?

Best coffee green coffee

The difference is very simple, both coffees come from the same green bean but with roasting you get the recognizable brown bean color that we know in “regular” coffee while green coffee is consumed without the roasting process in which 70% of chlorogenic is being lost that give antioxidative value to coffee. Also, green coffee is being decaffeinated meaning that it doesn’t contain caffeine because studies say that caffeine causes sugar rise and fall in blood that may be good to athletes and physical active people but can be bad for people trying to lose weight. Because of that green coffee is meant for losing weight. It is important that you while consuming green coffee, have a diet program and don’t drink black coffee, exercise and have a pause after consuming 8 to 10 weeks. The conclusion is simple, black coffee is fine for you if you are physically active.

The best cafeterias and coffee shops in Zagreb

The industry that mostly has profit from coffee is the hospitality management industry where large number of coffee bars and cafeterias have the biggest earning of coffee selling so it is important to have the coffee machine working perfectly at all time. We bring you the best places for coffee in Zagreb in the upcoming text.

Corner Bar

Best coffee bar, Corner bar, Zagreb, Croatia

Should you wish to experience something truly special, make sure you visit the Corner Bar. Coffee they have on offer grows only in Ethiopia, the cradle of coffee, and nowhere else. If you want to taste it, select Corner Bar - one of only 40 places in the world that serve this 100% arabica so check the entire coffee offer. We recommend you also try the famous Croatian kulen, cheese and prosciutto, and a variety of cakes, cocktails and other beverages.

Dežman Bar

Best coffee bar, Dežman bar, Zagreb, Croatia

Dežman Bar besides being a place for gastronomy specialties is also a place where you can drink a variety type of coffees. Also with coffee you can find a wide offer of whiskeys, wine and cocktails.

Eli's Caffe

Best coffee bar, Elis Caffe, Zagreb, Croatia

Eli's Caffe is the first coffee bar in Croatia and a specialized coffee roaster in which true coffee lovers and artists of making perfect cup of favorite beverage work. If you want to try the best coffee in the world or some of the best that make a richness of flavors through preparation and roasting, Eli’s Caffe is the right place for you.

Meet Mia

Best coffee bar, Meet Mia, Zagreb, Croatia

One of the new pastries in Zagreb that offers a large number of sweets and cakes but also one of the best coffees in town is Meet Mia. Your cake, pie or some other sweet will be fulfilled with a cup of excellent coffee and the interior and ambient will surely delight you.

Coffee Lab

Best coffee bar, Coffee Lab, Zagreb, Croatia

In this laboratory hidden deep in ground a bunch of experts make the best coffee in the world. Just joking, Coffee Lab coffee bar and pastry of an interesting name is a small place where you can try aromatic and flavor full coffees with cakes named “Torte i to” (cakes and so).