Zinfandel Ulica Marka Marulića 2, Split

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Zinfandel Ulica Marka Marulića 2 Split

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Address: Ulica Marka Marulića 2 Split

Telephone: +38521355135

Email: zinfandelsplit@gmail.com

Web: http://www.zinfandelfoodandwinebar.com/hr/

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ZinfandelUlica Marka Marulića 2, Split

Zinfandel, the grape made famous by Californian vineyards, has strong roots tied very closely to a grape that is within kilometers of our dedicated food & wine bar here in Split. Since opening in May 2013, we have acquired a reputation as one of Split’s best wine bars, and as a turning point in Split’s local dining scene. Zinfandel is a friendly and interactive environment to sample some top Croatian wines along with a passionate menu.

Standard Menu

Baked Bread & Apple Pudding

Price45,00 kn

Zinf Style Eggs Benedict with "Prošek"

Price55,00 kn

Poached Eggs in Toasted Baguette

Price55,00 kn

Zinsf Omelette

Price50,00 kn

Breakfast with Champagne

Price140,00 kn

Dalmatian Breakfast 18+

Price100,00 kn

Dalmatian Cheese Platter

Price105,00 kn


Price95,00 kn

Mesclun Greens

Price65,00 kn

Zinfs Mussels Buzara

Price80,00 kn

Roasted Adriatic Octopus Salad

Price85,00 kn

Baked Tuna Salad

Price95,00 kn

Homemade Spinach Angolotti Filled with Curd

Price85,00 kn

Oxtail Ravioli

Price85,00 kn

200 g Beef Cheeseburger

Price95,00 kn

Sea Bass & Prawns "En Papillote"

Price135,00 kn

Calamari Stuffed with Curd and Dried Tomatoes

Price120,00 kn

Fillet Mignon

Price150,00 kn

Zinfandel Lemon Supreme

Price40,00 kn

Ivanka's Chocolate Cake

Price40,00 kn

Fruit Salad with Burnt Sabayon

Price40,00 kn


Guest Reviews

Ivan Polančec

05 April 2017

Odličan snack


Svidjele su nam se punjene lignje. Sigurno se vraćamo probati i ostalo!

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