Re Di Mare

Re Di Mare

Re Di Mare Lučica 4, Split

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Re Di Mare

Re Di Mare Lučica 4 Split

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Re Di Mare

Address: Lučica 4 Split

Telephone: +385957255555



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Re Di MareLučica 4, Split

Restaurant Re di Mare is anchored at the foot of Marjan Hill, in the oldest Split marina. In secluded and romantic place, with a spacious terrace with a soothing sea view, it is a well known oasis for local visitors, who appreciate the authentic Dalmatian cuisine. Fresh food that is being purchased on a daily basis and the pasta we make, among which we single out ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach, and pljukanci, are our specialties.

Standard Menu


Price18,00 kn

Cheese Selection with Domestic Olive Oil, Nuts and Jam

Price53,00 kn

Dalmatian Smoked Ham with Olives

Price63,00 kn

Adriatic Octopus Salad

Price65,00 kn

From the Rock and the Karren

Price69,00 kn

Old Fisherman’s Plate

Price76,00 kn

Fish Soup

Price25,00 kn

Scampi Cream Soup

Price31,00 kn

Tomato Soup

Price24,00 kn

Daily Soup

Price25,00 kn

Homemade Pasta “pljukanci” with Smoked Ham and Truffles

Price76,00 kn

Homemade Lobster Gnocchi with Shrimps

Price88,00 kn

Homemade Black Gnocchi with Adriatic Shrimps, Zucchini and Smoked Salmon

Price82,00 kn

Homemade Pasta with Fresh Vegetables and Adriatic Shrimps

Price68,00 kn

Seafood Risotto

Price79,00 kn

Lamb from Brač Island, Grilled and Served with Domestic Aromatic Potatoes

Price106,00 kn

Aged Rumpsteak Stuffed with Bacon and Cheese, Served with Domestic Aromatic Potatoes

Price86,00 kn

Beefsteak in Scampi Sauce, Grilled and Served with Domestic Aromatic Potatoes

Price145,00 kn

Boneless Chicken Thigh Stuffed with Smoked Ham and Cheese in Gorgonzola Sauce with Homemade Gnocchi

Price79,00 kn

Veal Chop, Grilled and Served with Domestic Aromatic Potatoes

Price72,00 kn

Platter “Terra” Served with Domestic Potatoes for 2 Persons

Price206,00 kn

Platter “Re di Mare”Served According to Daily Catch with Swiss Chard for 2 Persons

Price262,00 kn

First-Class Adriatic Tuna “Toro-Cro” with Swiss Chard Risotto

Price149,00 kn

Monkfish “Re di Mare” in Shrimp Sauce

Price96,00 kn

“Brudet” Fish Stew with Side Dish

Price85,00 kn

Stingray Fillet “In forno” Served with Roasted Domestic Potatoes

Price89,00 kn


Price15,00 kn

Adriatic Fish, I Class

Price440,00 kn

Adriatic Fish, II Class

Price320,00 kn


Price760,00 kn

Spiny Lobster

Price850,00 kn

Lamb on Spit from Brač Island with Onion

Price220,00 kn

Octopus “peka”

Price89,00 kn

Fish “peka”

Price157,00 kn

Veal “peka”

Price95,00 kn

Lamb “peka”

Price119,00 kn

Beefsteak Salad

Price74,00 kn

Hot and Cold Chicken Salad

Price49,00 kn

Adriatic Tuna “Toro-Cro” Salad with Toasted Pine Nuts

Price69,00 kn

Seasonal Salad

Price16,00 kn

French Fries

Price19,00 kn

Fresh Vegetables, Grilled

Price28,00 kn

Rice with Butter

Price17,00 kn

Swiss Chard on Dalmatian Way

Price23,00 kn

Grilled Mushrooms

Price29,00 kn

Swiss Chard Risotto

Price24,00 kn


Price5,00 kn

Dalmatian Cream Caramel with Ice Cream

Price23,00 kn

Summer Rhapsody

Price26,00 kn


Price24,00 kn

Hrapačuša Cake

Price25,00 kn

Daily Cake

Price23,00 kn


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