Hemingway Beach Bar

Hemingway Beach Bar

Hemingway Beach Bar Medveja plaža, Medveja

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Hemingway Beach Bar

Hemingway Beach Bar Medveja plaža Medveja

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Hemingway Beach Bar

Address: Medveja plaža Medveja

Telephone: +38551718802

Telephone: +385992178180

Email: opatija@hemingway.hr

Web: http://www.hemingway.hr/medveja/index.html

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Hemingway Beach BarMedveja plaža, Medveja

Following the successful story, our Hemingway team has decided to widen our great bar experience and has taken in concession beach Medveja near Opatija for ten years. Hemingway Beach Bar is located by the sea providing a unique experience sipping your coffee, drinking a cocktail or any other drink. We are especially proud on our designer team that have come up with the new look of beach Medveja in conformity with its royal nickname. The beach is equipped with deck chairs and other infrastructure for beach with technical equipment (PA, lighting, plasmas).


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